G2 Has Beaten Korea’s Number 2 With Hjarnan’s Heimerdinger

In a surprising turn of events, G2 Esports actually managed to win against South Korea’s number 2 team Afreeca Freecs. G2’s macro game was another level above Afreeca’s who simply had no idea how to deal with Petter “Hjarnan” Freyschuss that they regretfully decided not to ban.

Not many League fans expected G2 to come out of this matchup with a win considering the fact that G2 has looked quite shaky over the past few months and that they were facing off against Korea’s number two seed. G2 even lost a game during the play-in stages which really convinced people that the team was simply not on the same level as the other teams that are attending the tournament. However, with this win, G2 has definitely proven the opposite to be true.

Afreeca Freecs, on the other hand, seemed to be extremely cocky. Hjarnan’s Heimerdinger has been permanently banned by every team in the EU LCS as well as every team during the play-ins. Not banning Heimerdinger was a huge mistake from Afreeca as this singe pick gave G2 a huge advantage during the game. They know how to take advantage of the champion and how to play around it whereas the Afreeca Freecs looked clueless and kept giving up advantage after advantage. Afreeca also gave Wunder his trusty Camille on which he has always performed extremely well. This game Wunder’s Camille was once against an unstoppable splitpusher that managed to put so much pressure on the Afreeca Freecs that they started to make all the wrong decisions.

Unfortunately for G2, this is probably the last time we will see Hjarnan’s Heimerdinger at Worlds, at the very least for the group stages. It’s unsure whether Afreeca just didn’t research the pick or thought that they could beat it, but it’s quite certain that no other team will make the mistake of leaving it open. However, G2 has no beaten the Korean second seed which means that they gain a huge advantage during the group stage. Beating the Korean team a single time often means that you will make it out of your group as the other teams tend to lose to the Korean’s.

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