Improvements To Fortnite Mobile and Android Release Window Shared

A set of updates are coming to the mobile iteration of Fortnite and Epic are targeting a summer release for the Android version. The news was revealed in a post on Epic’s website in a list detailing all the changes and upcoming additions to the game.

The mobile version of Fortnite is very much a carbon copy of the PC/Console version; one hundred players face off against each other on the same map with the same jocular and fast-paced gaming loop. On Android, Epic plans to introduce the same following the successful launch on iOS earlier this year. No specific date was provided for Fornite Android, with the announcement staying understandably vague, simply stating ‘we are targeting this summer for the release’.


Fornite Mobile HUD

Chief among the updates is the introduction of a customizable HUD, which allows fine tuning, resizing, and rejigging of the various in-game indicators and buttons to suit your personal preference. The feature has already been shipped out and you can try it out immediately.

Next up is a widely requested feature. Voice chat will soon finds it way onto Fortnite mobile and will allow cross-platform communication with teammates. Voice chat is set to include a simple three button UI with the ability to mute yourself or others, as well as un-mute easily. We all know that communication is key to Battle Royale so voice chat is sure to enhance the experience for mobile players across the board.


Fornite Mobile

By its very nature, mobile gaming is limited by simplified controls. Epic are, however, working to improve current in-game controls on mobile. Specifically, the crucial actions of running and firing. Epic are also eager to downsize the installation and update files for Fortnite mobile by trying out different compression solutions and background downloads without sacrificing overall performance. The changes aren’t for right now though as Epic see this as a long term project.

Speaking of performance, Epic have raised the graphic quality of the game through code-optimization and introduced a power-saving mode. They also hope to limit crashes and bugs with the latest update, and ask that players affected by stability problems contact them to provide feedback.

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