The Mecha Army Of Arena Of Valor, Who Are They?

The mechanic force of Arena of Valor consists of robots and humans that are geared with the most advanced technologies in the world. These amazing heroes are capable of doing amazing tricks and sure are fun to play. Let’s see who they are.

The Sentient Mech – Omega

The first one we should mention when it comes Arena of Valor’s mechanic heroes is Omega. Omega tends to be a worthy opponent in every fight and is extremely effective against buildings. Omega has good mobility and high speed and with that he is able to move toward his objectives quickly. It’s fun to see Omega races across the map.

People often refer to Omega as a “push to win” hero for his potency against building. It’s not a surprise that Omega can take down a turret with one combo. He can easily escape from enemy heroes, it’s not wise for anyone to race against Omega.

The Wunderkind – Max

Max learnt his skills from Moren the Technowiz and then he became a “genius” inventor with the motto “Technology will advance humanity!”. He used his knowledge to build himself a powerful robot to aid him with movement and many other things. Though Max can’t destroy buildings easily, he can burst out huge amount of damages against enemy heroes.

Max can quickly aim and take down rangers in the battles of Arena of Valor and he will not stop until he gets his ‘prey’. Being able to track down and easily approach an enemy hero brings Max and his teammates huge advantages.

The Technowiz – Moren

Moren is known for knowledge and skills in Science and Blacksmithing. It is said that nearly half of the world’s highly regarded weapons were either crafted or modified by Moren. The Teochnowiz himself uses a big, advanced gun which is able to deal very high damage. Despite the fact that Moren looks small and slow as he’s a dwarf, he can single-handedly deal with a pack of enemies with good positioning.

This hero is very hard to kill once he fully upgraded all of his passive abilites, he is considered the most tanky ranger of Arena of Valor.

The Mischievous – Wisp

Wisp is a brand new hero of Arena of Valor who has got a lot of attention from the community lately. As a ranger with many single target abilities, Wisp is becoming more and more popular in the scene. Every member of the ‘mecha army’ has good damage dealing potential but can also be target easily so escaping should be a priority for Wisp too.

Wisp is capable of surprising his enemies with abilities from afar which can be overturn the match’s outcome. Wisp can be the team’s key hero and main damage dealer and carry all the team.

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