3 New Guns Are Coming To PUBG Mobile On Patch Version 0.5.0

PUBG Mobile is going to introduce 3 new guns to the game. Let’s check them out with EXP.GG.

In recent news, the international version of PUBG Mobile will be updated to the patch version 0.5.0 soon. This update is going to bring to the game many new features and also changes in the game’s current content. Of course the new desert map named Miramar is in the spotlight of this update but everyone will not want to miss any details relating to 3 new unique guns below.

Win94 (Winchester model 1894)

According to Tencent Games, the publisher of PUBG Mobile, Win94 a.k.a Winchester model 1894 is the next gun to be added to the weapon collection of PUBG Mobile in the upcoming update of the game.

The SR-type (sniper rifle) gun Win94 will only be available in the new desert map Miramar and will not be able to mount a sniper scope. It has a 8-bullet magazine and its only kind of attachment is bullet loops. Win94 has single shot firing mode and is a medium to long range rifle, highly effective against opponent with no helmet or helmet level 1 only.


R45’s alternate name is Rhino 60DS. It is a revolver manufactured in Italy, was meant to replace R1895 on the battlefields. R45 uses .45 Ammo, it has high damage and quicker reload time but has only 6 bullets per magazine.

In terms of attachments, R45 does not have any compatible suppressor but can be equipped with a Red Dot Sight which would help increase accuracy when firing. R45 and R1895 have about the same recoil statistics but R45 allows you to regain the stability quicker than R1895 does.


The last name to mention in this article is Sawed-Off. The gun is originated from western countries like the U.S., England or Canada and is commonly used by police, army forces.

Quite similar to PUBG PC, Sawed-Off is the smallest shotgun which can fire 2 bullets at the same time and can cause a huge amount of damage to your opponent. The fact that Sawed-Off is being sorted to handgun slot is favored by this gun’s users as they will also have the other weapon slot available.

These are all the essential information about the 3 new guns coming to PUBG Mobile on the 0.5.0 patch for its international version. There are also a lot more new features that will make PUBG Mobile players excited.

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