Dota 2 International Battle Pass Features Battle Royale

Dota2’s International Battle Pass of 2018 in live now, and among other features, it seems that they are releasing a battle royale game mode. The International Battle Pass celebrates the approaching end of the professional Dota2 circuit, which will end in the much anticipated International 2018 Championship in August. Purchasing the Battle Pass contributes to the prize pool of the tournament and allows you to show support to your favorite team and make predictions for the professional games. It also comes with a large amount of special features and new game modes making it an exciting time to be a Dota 2 player.

The Underhollow official art

The battle royale game mode, called The Underhollow, pits 3 player teams against other 3 player teams to see who will be the last one standing and find Roshan’s rarest cheese. Teamwork and navigation are required as the caves are filled with dangerous beasts and devious obstacles. Teams are required to level up and earn gold quickly, as you will need to come out ahead of the other teams participating in order to win. Roshan’s cheese fury will cause continuing cave-ins which will make the map smaller and bring the teams closer together, much like your classic battle royale. Winning in The Underhollow will grant you a large amount of battlepoints and the sweet satisfaction of victory.

Battle Pass owners will also have access to the Cavern Crawl, a quest like system that requires you to play certain heroes in your games to reach various prizes, such as items, battle points or even a rare skin. Another feature that comes with the purchase is the Mutation game mode. This lets you queue up for exciting games where randomly selected gameplay modifiers will be in play. These can range from global events to the ability to resurrect your teammates. Every day will feature a new set of rules to keep the Mutation Mode fresh and completely surprising.

Other smaller features include sprays, which you can spray on the map, just like we see in other games. Tipping, which allows you to tip your teammates in battle points while you are in game. This is meant to show support to teammates who are doing well, but it’s most likely going to be used to up the disrespect level to a whole new game . You will also gain access to Team Challenge in which you will earn team tokens and allows you to queue up in higher difficulty. You will also gain custom lane creeps which allow to change what the creeps look like that are spawning in game. Battle Pass holders also gain access to role-based matchmaking. Although Valve has seemed hesitant to include role-based matchmaking in the past, due to the varying ways that each champion can be played, introducing it via Battle Pass might be a good way to test the waters.




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