Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan Helps Fan Get A Prom Date – No Really

What do you do when two avid gamers are interested in each other but need a little assistance in getting the whole date thing going? Well, if the game you’re both into is Overwatch, you ask lead game designer Jeff Kaplan for help!

In a recent thread on Reddit, u/lucylipstick shares her story about how she wanted to ask her fellow Overwatch player and friend Nate to the prom. The problem was that Nate is a senior and she’s a junior. Apparently, at their school, seniors are the ones who are supposed to ask juniors to the prom and not vice versa. That’s when Lucy got the idea to try and reach Jeff Kaplan for assistance.


She managed to get in contact with a community manager and after a series of email exchanges, she received a video response from the man himself.

As for the scatter arrow reference, in her Reddit thread, Lucy states:

“We play a lot of custom deathmatch games together and Nate’s gotten really good at one shot scatter arrow killing me, so I thought it would be funny if Jeff’s message had something to do with that.”


What’s particularly funny about all of this is that Jeff jokingly threatens to remove scatter arrow if Nate doesn’t agree to go to the prom with Lucy, and as it turns out, the latest Overwatch patch includes a completely reworked Hanzo that no longer has scatter arrow!

It’s great to see this level of interaction between Blizzard and it’s many fans. Sometimes it’s the small things like this that really make the company stand out – they’re definitely setting the bar when it comes to community management. Let’s hope other major companies are seeing this and following their lead.


Featured Image: Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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