Star Wars Day Hits Taiwan: May The 4th Be With You!

Star Wars Day, that beloved unofficial international holiday where all Star Wars fans come together to celebrate their love for the series, takes different forms depending on where you are.  In Taiwan, the festivities were pretty crazy – even the vice president got in the action! This Star Wars Day, Taiwanese fans gathered together at the president’s office in Taipei to celebrate with vice president Chen Chien-jen.

Star Wars Day, Taiwan
The force was clearly with the vice president today.

Oh wait, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s start from the beginning.

First, the day started with stormtroopers along with rebel soldiers marching side by side down the streets to make their way over to the office.

Star Wars Day Taiwan

They were escorted to the vice president by actual Taiwanese soldiers.

Star Wars Day Taiwan
They stood guard with real guards!
Star Wars Day Taiwan
That’s a whole lot of security outside the president’s office 😀

Before going in, fans spent some time taking photos outside.

Star Wars Day Taiwan
Because there always has to be at least one slave Leia at anything Star Wars related no?
Star Wars Day Taiwan
Chewie with goggles is definitely my favorite hands down.

Upon making their way inside, Vice President Chen greeted them and gave a rousing welcome speech saying “Taiwan is a beautiful place. We have abundant natural resources.”  Then, quoting a certain little green Jedi master said, “Size matters not.” And added: “Taiwan is bigger than you think.”

Star Wars Day Taiwan
Flanked by Chewbacca, here’s the vice president giving an impassioned speech.

After the speech, Chen hung out a little while longer to take some selfies with the cosplaying fans.

Star Wars Day Taiwan

This is politics at its very best!

Photo Credits: UDN

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