ESL Reportedly Tells Mythic CS:GO Team Members To Shut Off Streams

Earlier today, while members of Mythic’s CS:GO team were streaming their matches in ESL One Cologne NA Open Qualifier, they reportedly received a notice from ESL tournament admins telling them to shutdown their streams. The reason is still unclear but many CS:GO players and fans believe it’s because there were so few viewers on ESL’s stream on Facebook.

These players later had to turn off their streams and then tried to contact ESL but could not get through. As a team whose main activity is to stream their matches, Mythic then decided to forfeit.

This causes quite a storm among the community, a detailed report on the whole situation got more than 7,500 upvotes, 850 comments on Reddit at the moment and many raised their voice to point out how bad the move was like, especially for ESL.

But it’s not the first time ESL’s decisions are criticized by eSports community. Ever since they signed a deal with Facebook to exclusively stream their tournaments on Facebook, their reputation was on the downward spiral.

It all started with when ESL filed DMCA strikes in an attempt to take down Twitch streamers including big name in the scene like Bulldog or BSJ who were casually stream matches in an Dota 2 tournament organized by ESL back in January this year, the move was heavily criticized by Dota 2 community and later nullified by Valve, the publisher of both Dota 2 and CS:GO.

But in fact, it’s different scenario this time as Mythic players only streamed their own matches and what makes ESL’s decision even more concerning is that players streaming their own game is not against ESL’s own rule.

It’s not off-the-book

Whatever ESL is pursuing with these kinds of actions, it has really angered the community. The boycotts of big communities like Dota 2 and CS:GO would cost them a lot, not just stream views.

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