5 Games You Played As A Kid That Pissed Off Your Parents

We like to look back at the games we used to play as kids fondly, with reverie and warm nostalgia, but ask your parents about those same games and you’d likely get a different kind of memory. Like the time you ignored them when they told you to come to dinner or take out the garbage because you were playing “that damn game with the Italian plumber!” Or the one time you forgot to feed the cat before going on vacation because you just had to finish that “Age of Empires II” game. Cat died. You got in big trouble.

Lets dig deep shall we?

Here are 5 games you played that REALLY pissed off your parents.

1. Super Mario Bros. (SNES)

When you were young, “Super Mario Bros.” might be the first game you played. Because this was likely your first experience in video games, you might have lost track of time when you played it. Yeah, you definitely got scoldings multiple times due to nonstop playing to the point that your parents took away your SNES console and you were only allowed to play during the weekends or holidays.


2. Harvest Moon: Back to Nature (Playstation)

This is a game that wasted a lot of our time due to the need of collecting, planting, taking care of animals and other activities in the village. At the time when this game was so popular, there were a lot of guide books for sale in shops, and those books revealed a lot of interesting things that we did not know before. To not get scoldings, we used to have a strategy which was to only play when our parents were not at home or during weekends. If you played this, your parents probably hated it.

3. Age of Empires II (PC)

Unlike console games that we could use to play in consoles, which were not used for anything else, “Age of Empires” could only be played on a PC, which was also used for other things such as typing, creating reports and other kinds of adult work. At that time, “Age of Empires” was one of the most popular real-time strategy games. I remember getting scolded because mom and dad needed the PC for work even though I was in the middle of using the “how do you turn this on”

cheat to spawn Cobra Car units in my base. I always lost those battles because, well, my parents kicked me off.

4. Warcraft III: Frozen Throne (PC)

Like “Age of Empires II”, “Warcraft III” was also a popular game in its time. You can follow the story in Campaign or you can play freely in Skirmish. “Warcraft” also gave birth to the game that we now know as “Dota 2”.

To play this W3, I also had to wait for the ones in the highest throne and check whether they were using the PC or not. Not only that, when playing the “Dota Allstar” map online my parents were often mad at me. If you played this you know that “Dota” players were prone to swearing and shouting no matter win or lose. Yeah, parents don’t like their kids shouting at the PC screen.

5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (Xbox 360. PS 3, PC)

COD: MW was one of those games at the time your parents might have bought you or you picked up due to lax age restriction enforcements at your local game store. This is really before digital downloads were a thing, and parents were pretty clueless as to a games content. So you probably fired it up and played through the campaign or hopped online only to have your parents walk in on you and “WTF!?!” all over you, getting mad at YOU for playing such a violent and adult game, that they really should have known better about letting you play in the first place. Silly parents.

Bonus: GTA San Andreas (PS2, PC, Android, iOS)

Like COD:MW, GTA:SA is filled with violence, improper words and other inappropriate content. And if your parents were like mine, and they walked in on you running down hookers on the side of the road, they probably were not to pleased about it and potentially took the game away, only for you to later find where they hid the game disc or play at your friends house, resulting in getting in even more trouble by angry parents. And honestly, if your parents weren’t getting mad at you for playing this as a kid, they probably weren’t paying enough attention to you.

Original article by Happy.

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