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Recently, Ring of Elysium development team announced an official notification about their anti-hack system for ROE: ” Tripple Threat” with harshly punishment to hackers, ensure a fair environment for their players.

Ever since the first release on Steam on 09/19, Ring of Elysium has become many player’s favorite. Most players are well-behaved, they compete fairly and take part in with the dev team to maintain a healthy gaming environment. However, there are still some players who break the rules and use tools to cheat and break the balance of the game. To these minority of players, ROE security team shows no mercy.

Development team commits to never allow hacking to ruin the gaming environment! Recently, ROE security team announced severals methods and punishments, including computer banning, real time banning and report system – ” Tripple Threat”

 system to protect Ring of Elysium.

Antihack ROE method 1: Ban any PC that hacked ROE before from logging in

Since 09/26, once a player caught cheating by the system, his account will be banned forever, and his computer is blacklisted as well. Players will not be able to log in Ring of Elysium with any accounts from a blackisted PC.

With careful proof collection and through validation, they have blacklisted more than 20.000 PC that violated the rules.

Antihack ROE method 2: Real time ban notification

Two weeks after the “Computer Ban” security method, they have released a new security function on 10/06 – a ban notification in real time!

If the system detects any cheat actions, it will ban the player immediately and all players in the same match can see the real time ban notification on the upper right corner. The notification is in red color for recognition.


Besides giving security update to players in a timely manner, it is more important to give a warning to any players who may attemp to cheat: there is no chance to hack the security system. When one account is detected with cheating, the system will ban it forever.

Antihack ROE method 3: Report

To encourage players join with developer to maintain a healthy gaming environment, Ring of Elysium security team has released a report system. After being shot in a match, players can switch to viewer mode, and they can use  the report function to report the suspicious players.

Ring of Elysium ROE

After validated by the system, a reply will be sent to waiting room of the reporter, shown the specific punishment of the cheaters.

Final words

As a shooting game, the key point in Ring of Elysium is fairness. ROE security team has prepared many things for a anti hacking surveillance system before the first release of Early Access. After that, they actively follow and punish harshly any rule violation, protect the healthy gaming environment and fairness for ROE, only then can players enjoy the best experience!

About the punishment, once an account is accused for hacking, it will be banned forever. In the future, ROE security team will continue to enhance the system to never allow any violation to negatively effect players experience!

Finally, if you are interested in the way we antihack and remove harmful plugins, you can follow us and interact. We always listen to you and will provide you woth more information about security in the future.

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