Perkz Is Demolishing Solo Queue In The AD Carry Role

One of the juiciest rumors that is going around this preseason is Caps joining G2 with Perkz shifting to the AD carry role. While it’s only a rumor, just thinking about Caps and Perkz being on the same team already sounds amazing. However, rumors are rumors and thus not always completely believable. Nevertheless, there does seem to be some proof that Perkz is definitely practicing for the AD carry role.

In his match history

, we can see that he has been spamming bottom for about a week already. His last mid lane performance seems to be on Yasuo although this could also be top lane Yasuo game. In any case, playing any other role than ADC is definitely only due to autofill and not something that Perkz is actively seeking out to do.


What’s also notable about his solo queue ADC performance is that he’s been absolutely dominating the games that he plays in. He is currently on an eight-game winning streak with Jhin and has previously also been on a huge win streak with Ezreal. He probably feels quite comfortable on these two AD carry champions as they feel more like caster champions rather than traditional ADC champions like Caitlyn or Tristana. However, he has also shown that he can easily carry games on a more traditional ADC when he and G2 kept utilizing Kai’Sa for their gold funnel strategy.

With Perkz’ match history looking the way it is, it’s not too farfetched to think of him shifting to the AD carry role. He seems fully committed to the change as far as solo queue is concerned. Whether this will also be accepted by the G2 organization is still up in the air, of course, and can’t be determined simply by a few solo queue games. What’s also still a mystery is whether Caps will actually join the team as a new mid laner or not. Caps joining G2 is still not confirmed, nor is Caps leaving Fnatic confirmed yet. We will just have to wait and see if this juicy rumor will come into fruition.

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