100 Thieves Strengthens Their Roster With Huhi And Bang

100 Thieves performed admirably during their first year as a professional organization. They made the NA LCS Spring Split finals and even made it to Worlds. However, the team received a lot of criticism during the latter half of the season and one of these criticisms was towards their relatively weak roster. Luckily 100 Thieves is heading into the preseason with some interesting roster moves.

The first big chance for 100 Thieves is that Ryu will be replaced by former CLG mid laner Huhi. Instead of retiring though, Ryu will work together with the 100T organization to shift into a coaching role. A lot of fans of the organization were critical towards Ryu’s performance throughout the season and argued that he was only on the team due to Pr0lly who seems to love working with Ryu.

Huhi should, in theory, be an upgrade over Ryu although it’s been a while since Huhi has played on a strong team so it’s a bit hard to judge. However, in the past, he was a player that could often create advantages for his team through clever outplays and unexpected champion. He would often deviate from the meta in order to surprise his opponents. His only major flaw is that he’s a bit inconsistent but all-in-all it should definitely be an upgrade.


With the import slot that 100 Thieves have opened up for themselves, they are looking for Bang to join the roster as their ADC. Although this is only a rumor so far and has yet to be confirmed, it looks like the negotiations are pretty far along. If Bang would join the roster this would be absolutely massive considering that he’s a two-time world champion and used to be one of the best AD carries in the world. He was not quite on the same level that he used to be on during his last year in LCK, however, he is probably still strong enough to be a very dominant force in the NA LCS. He will also be supported by Aphromoo who is considered to be the best support that NA has ever produced and thus this will be a bot lane to watch out for.

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