Pokemon Go To Throw Biggest Community Day Event Ever

The final community event for Pokémon Go is going to be a doozy! Get ready for all sorts of crazy bonuses and the opportunity to catch every single community day Pokémon with their special move.

According to a new blog post on the official Pokémon Go site, the final community event of the year is going to be a very special one. Starting December 1st at 5:00 AM CST to December 3rd at 3:00 PM CST

, players will be able to enjoy increased chances of capturing every single featured community day Pokémon this year. That’s right, unlike previous events this one is going to be a full weekend long event, giving players ample amounts of time to catch ’em all!

Image Source: Pokémon Go Live

Pokémon Go Community Day Pokémon List

Here’s a list of the special community Pokémon that will be available along with their unique community day move:

  1. Beldum – “Meteor Smash”
  2. Bulbasaur – “Frenzy Plant”
  3. Charmander – “Blast Burn”
  4. Chikorita – “Frenzy Plant”
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  6. Cyndaquil – “Blast Burn”
  7. Dratini – “Draco Meteor”
  8. Eevee – “Last Resort”
  9. Larvitar – “Smack Down”
  10. Mareep – “Dragon Pulse”
  11. Pikachu – “Surf”
  12. Squirtle – “Hydro Cannon”

Pokémon Go Community Day Bonuses

Getting one more chance to capture these rare Pokémon is awesome enough, however Niantic is making this weekend even more special by featuring bonuses during the normally scheduled community day event too! From 3:00 AM – 6:00 AM CST on December 2nd, players will also enjoy the following four bonuses:

  1. 2x Catch XP
  2. 2x Catch Stardust
  3. 1/2 Egg Hatch Distance
  4. 3-hour Lures

If you’re a big Pokémon Go fan, you definitely want to make sure you’re out and about on December 2nd so you can double dip on the above four bonuses as well as the increased rates for all community day Pokémon.

Looks like the holidays came early this year!


Featured Image Source: Touch Arcade

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