Developers Reveal Details About Atomic Heart

Russian game developer Mundfish took the world by storm last week after revealing a trailer for their game called “Atomic Heart“. By now most people have heard of the game as the trailer went completely viral in a matter of seconds, due to the weirdness of the entire trailer. The trailer showed off giant robots, a strange world and absolutely terrifying clowns. In order to clarify what’s going on in the trailer, PCgamer spoke to the developers to learn more about the game.


In the interview, the CEO of Mundfish, Robert Bagratuni, says “Atomic Heart was conceived as an open-world game, we want to enable players to choose the sequence of actions themselves instead of limiting them to a linear path. The world of the game is in fact the entire Soviet Union” he goes on to say the world will feature many different areas and climates, such as mountain ranges, lakes, fields and there will even be parts of the game in the arctic circle. He goes on to state that ” The huge infrastructure of Plant 3826 and its underground facilities are spread all over the map. The key infrastructure elements are connected by railways. As for whether this is a shooter: in some places it is, it depends where you can find ammo.”


This gives us more insight on what type of game we might expect. It seems that Mundfish are definitely aiming to make this an open world shooter game where discovery is the center of the game, and shooting takes a backseat despite it being a shooter. In order to actually be able to shoot anything, you will need to find ammo and weapons first and if you don’t find any, you will be stuck with random melee weapons. This sounds similar to a games like Fallout, and you might say the game was inspired by that, however, according to the developer this is not necessarily the case.


“Artyom, the author of the Atomic Heart synopsis, has been working on the script for more than seven years.” The CEO says, “Since he and some of the other members of the team were born in the USSR, many ideas came from those times. Many are comparing it with BioShock and Fallout, but in fact we took the atmosphere from our childhood, from books we grew up on.” He goes on to say that these inspirations, together with the Soviet Union and modern age ideas such as the internet and robotics created the basis of the world.

He also explains that robots were a driving force behind Atomic Heart’s Soviet Union, and the reason we see them everywhere in the trailer is that plant 3826 was originally used to produce robots. They were used for all kinds of tasks like labor or protection, but have since gone mad, which is why they are attacking everything in sight.


In a separate blog post that the developer posted, they are hinting that love is the center of story. The blog states “Even the toughest times can’t stop the two loving hearts from embracing each other. Explore the world of Atomic Heart to learn more about the love story between the two of employees of the facility #3826”.

We think the game looks absolutely fantastic and are excited to see where it will go in the future. The weird style and uniqueness of the game world has definitely grasped our attention, and we will keep you updated on more Atomic Heart when news is out.


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