CoreJJ Replaces Olleh On Team Liquid As Doublelift’s Support

Former Worlds champion CoreJJ is returning to the NA LCS and will play for Team Liquid where he will support Doublelift, the best AD carry that NA has ever produced.

Although it’s an unexpected move, as most roster swaps are, importing CoreJJ to NA is not all that big of a gamble. He used to play support for Dignitas in 2014 so he’s not a complete stranger to NA or to the English language. This will probably make communicating between him and the team a whole lot easier and will most likely mean that he won’t be as homesick as other players have gotten in the past.


CoreJJ has stated that the main reason for returning to NA was to have a chance to play with Doublelift. He views Doublelift as an extremely potent AD carry that has continuously proven to be one of the best players in NA. Doublelift also consistently makes it to Worlds and CoreJJ thinks that they could become an extremely strong bot lane together. He was also looking for a bit of a chance of pace and a new challenge after playing for the same team for 3 years straight and after his unsuccessful Worlds run in 2018.


CoreJJ will be replacing Olleh who played support for Team Liquid in 2018. A lot of fans already expect Olleh to leave Team Liquid as he was not featured during Jensen’s welcome video. Olleh was not a bad support overall although he received quite a lot of criticism from both fans of Team Liquid and NA fans as a whole, often due to positional errors that he made quite frequently. According to Steve, Olleh’s contract with Team Liquid is not yet finished but he’s working hard together with Olleh’s manager in order to find him a good opportunity and a suitable team.

If Team Liquid keeps Impact in the top lane and Xmithie in the jungle, which for now they look like they will, they will have a very potent team. During the 2018 season they consistently proved to be the strongest team in the region and despite their awful performance at Worlds, this trend is very likely to continue with such a strong roster in place.

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