Jensen Has Left Cloud9 For Team Liquid In Shocking Transfer

In what is likely one of the most shocking roster swaps that the NA LCS has ever seen, Jensen has left Cloud9 and joined Team Liquid. ESPN esports published an article earlier today in which they stated that Team Liquid was in the process of buying out Jensen, however, almost immediately after that article was published Cloud9 announced Jensen’s departure.

The transfer is big news as Jensen has been a staple on C9 for quite a long period of time now. He joined the team back in 2015, under the name Incarnation, after he was unbanned from competitive play by Riot. During his initial year with the organization, he was often criticized for his relatively weak laning phase and shallow champion pool. In 2016 he changed his gaming name from Incarnation to Jensen as this is what everyone called him while playing on C9. This name change also marked the start of a completely new career for Jensen as he slowly evolved into the extremely stable and playmaking mid laner that we now know him as.


In 2018 issues between Jensen and the Cloud9 organization came to light and would result in the now famous benching of him, Sneaky, and Smoothie. He was replaced by GoldenGlue for a short period of time before rejoining the roster after proving to the team that he was still motivated to win. These issues have most likely not played a part in the transfer that Jensen now finds himself in although we can’t be entirely sure.

For Cloud9 losing Jensen means that they’ve opened up an import slot for themselves which means that they might decide to import another player from Europe or Asia. For Team Liquid it means that they lose an import slot as Jensen has now joined the team, however, it also means that they will be a lot stronger in the mid lane. Although Pobelter is by no means a bad player, he’s definitely not one of the best either which really showed during Worlds where he was clearly outclassed by every other mid laner in TL’s pool.

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