Faker, League of Legends’ Most Legendary Player Is Now A Free Agent

The world’s most accomplished League of Legends player to ever have existed is now officially a free agent. Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, often referred to as the best League of Legends player in history, is now free to explore opportunities with other teams as his contract with SKT T1 has officially run out per Riot’s official contract database.

Faker simply being a free agent is a really significant fact. He’s still regarded as the best profession League of Legends player and thus every team in the world is in the race in order to acquire him for their roster. Having Faker on your roster means you’re already a leg up over every other team in the competition.


Obviously, since he’s Faker he won’t just join any team that asks him. The team that will be offering him contracts will be offering him a lot of money so the teams with smaller budgets probably don’t have a big chance of Faker joining their team. Most money in League of Legends is situated in China and North America, so if he would choose a team based on the money that they’re offering he’ll most likely go to either of these regions.


However, there’s a big chance that Faker will just decide to stay in the LCK instead of joining a team in another region. He’s always been the star player for Korea and has been an idol in the entire country. He probably still wants to compete at the highest level for his home country and once again win take home the Summoner’s Cup.

Since his contract has only just ended it’s very unlikely that he has already found a team that he wants to join. He will probably have to go through a lot of offers and make a really tough decision so it’s unlikely that he will join a new team soon. We will most likely have to wait for a while before we found out where League’s best player will end up. We will keep you posted when more news comes out.

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