Golden B.O.B. Is Live On The PTR And Looks Absolutely Fabulous

The latest Overwatch hero that was added to the game has proven to be extremely popular. Ashe, the new fan-favorite outlaw has quickly become one of the community’s most beloved heroes and that is in no small part due to her adorable Big Omnic Butler, B.O.B.

Within a few minutes of the official reveal of the character, Ashe’s sidekick and ultimate was the number one topic that the community was talking about. As soon as Ashe was live on the PTR there were countless videos of B.O.B. doing all kinds of things. B.O.B. running off a cliff, B.O.B. murdering the entire enemy team, and even videos of him simply waving at Ashe received thousands of upvotes. However, players soon noticed the one major issue with B.O.B. and that was that he was completely left out of Ashe’s golden set of weapons.

In Overwatch, if you rack up enough points in ranked you can unlock a golden weapon for a character that you choose. This is an Overwatch feature that is extremely popular within the community and players pridefully show off their golden weapons for their favorite characters.

While Ashe’s golden weapons were certainly not bad, players were kind of disappointed that B.O.B. did not receive anything golden. Some people were suggesting to make the entire omnic golden whereas other were begging Blizzard to at least give him something, maybe just a golden mustache or hat.

The Overwatch department at Blizzard is well-liked for often listening to their fans and this issue is no exception. They have decided that B.O.B. does indeed deserve some golden attributes but instead of simply making his hat or mustache golden, they’ve made his entire body golden. This gold B.O.B. looks absolutely fabulous and will also give you the most bang for your buck if you end up purchasing Ashe’s golden weapons.

The golden B.O.B. is only on PTR for now so you won’t be able to use him on the live servers just yet but he should arrive to the live serves well before you will be able to play Ashe in competitive so there’s no real need to worry about not being able to style on your opponents.

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