The 6th Overwatch League Expansion Team Revealed: Hangzhou Spark

Another Overwatch League expansion has been revealed and this time it’s Hangzhou Spark. Hangzhou Spark is the latest China-based team that is joining the league after Guangzhou Shock and Chengdu Hunters and I could not be happier about the fantastic color palette that the team has chosen.

Hangzhou Spark is owned by the Bilibili esports company which is a subsidiary of Bilibili, a Chinese entertainment sharing website focused mainly on anime, cartoons, comics, and video games. The subsidiary is led by Ms. Chen who is a well-respected member within the Chinese Overwatch community as she has put a lot of effort into promoting the game and has even organized official tournaments to promote the game in China. She had to say the following on the official reveal of Hangzhou Spark.


“After two months of preparation, we’re proud to finally introduce the Hangzhou Spark 杭州闪电队 to the world. We’re excited to show off two Overwatch heroes in Spark skins. We hope the fans love pink Reaper and Winston.”

Hangzhou Spark’s logo had previously already been leaked

but has changed a bit since that time, they shifted from a blue color to a bubblegum pink one. The team’s color palette is also the same bubblegum pink which is quite the contrast compared to the other expansion teams which mainly chose red or blue as their main colors. According to the official press release, the bright colors that they have chosen represent the city of Hangzhou which is fast-growing and turning into a popular international destination. The logo is a hand shooting out a spark which represents speed and power but also represents Bilibili as they see themselves as a company with an electric nature and creative spark.

With the official reveal of Hangzhou Spark, a total of six of the eight expansion teams joining the Overwatch League have been revealed. The previously revealed teams are Atlanta Reign, Toronto Defiant, Paris Eternal, Guangzhou Shock, and Chengdu Hunters. The teams that remain are from Washington and Vancouver and will hopefully be revealed in the near future.

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