Riot Games Files Various Trademarks For “Legends Of Runeterra”

Riot Games has recently filed a whole number of new trademarks that potentially mean that Riot is working on a new game. All of the trademarks are called Legends Of Runeterra and they are filed in a large variety of different categories. The trademarks were discovered by Redditor u/zileanpredicts who was digging around in Riot’s trademarks probably out of personal interestest.

Riot Games has previously stated that they would start creating more games so that they could finally put the in Riot Games since they only have League of Legends at the moment. Previously, joked about creating an MMO based on League of Legends and this idea got a whole lot of responses really fast from professional players, analysts, and League of Legends fans that they would absolutely love a League MMO. Unfortunately, it seems very unlikely that Riot has created an actual League MMO in such a short timespan so what else could Legends of Runeterra be.

While a comment saying League of Legends: Immortal got a huge amount of upvotes for the funny reference, the idea is really not that farfetched. Riot could very well have a mobile game in the works based on League of Legends. The game probably won’t be replacing League of Legends but could work as a companion app or a game that is a bit more lore-related than League of Legends.


Another possibility would be an online card game. After the success of Hearthstone, the number of online card games on the market exploded. Now that Valve has unveiled their card games inspired by DOTA2, Riot might have decided that they have to keep up with their biggest competitor and release a card game of their own.

What if Legends of Runeterra is not a game though. Although it’s very likely to be a game, there’s a possibility that’s some kind of book or comic based on Runeterra and the lore surrounding the mysterious World. Bungie recently wrote and released a book that was all about the lore surround Destiny so Riot might have had a similar idea.

Map of Runeterra

The only thing we know for sure at the moment is that Riot is definitely working on something. Hopefully, they will soon make an announcement on what this could be or what we might expect from them in the future but that might, unfortunately, take a while.

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