Paris Eternal And Guangzhou Charge Officially Join The OWL

Blizzard has revealed 2 new teams that will be joining the Overwatch League in season 2. Paris Eternal and Guangzhou Charge. These teams don’t really come as a surprise as all the team that will be joining the Overwatch League have already been leaked, except for the Vancouver team. Nevertheless, it’s still great to see the official announcement and press releases and also grants us a look at the color palettes that both teams will be using when playing.

Paris Eternal was the first of the two to be revealed and is owned by DM esports. The color palette that the team has chosen and will use in matches is a combination of blue, burgundy, white and gold. The team chose to use a Gallic rooster as the logo for the team as this has long been a national icon of France. Within the rooster, they incorporated the infinity symbol as a call back to the team’s name, Paris Eternal.

Paris Eternal held a live reveal event in the Wagram pavilion in Paris. This event was open to everyone and featured the entire Paris Eternal roster as well as Overwatch League commissioner Nate Nanzer. During his time on stage, Nanzer also announced that the Overwatch League would be extending its schedule to Sunday during the Overwatch League season in 2019.

The other team that was announced today is Guangzhou Charge. This is the first reveal of one of the new Chinese teams although the other two have also been leaked. According to the press reveal, Guangzhou Charge, lead by the Nenking Group, chose its name to represent leading the city and team into a bright future as the first esports team from Guangzhou. The team color palette is based on the rich scenery surrounding Guangzhou which consists of mountains, hills, and the coast. The colors are dark blue for the water, light blue for the sky, and lush green for the hills. Guangzhou Charge has not yet revealed their player roster.

Both teams will be part of the second season of the Overwatch League which will start on February 14, 2019. They are the latest 2 of the expansion teams to be revealed and will join the ranks of Toronto Defiant and Atlanta Reign. Only 4 teams are left that have yet to announce their name, logo, and colors. These are the teams from Vancouver, Chengdu, Hangzhou, and Washington but more announcements are expected to come soon.

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