5 New Overwatch League Team Names And Logos Have Been Leaked

A Redditor by the name of u/BetterFixThat has found the names and logos of 7 new Overwatch teams via the Blizzard Overwatch League API. According to his post, he found them by simply guessing the acronyms of the teams. The links to the teams have since been taken down but luckily some other Redditors took screenshots. Of course, these are just leaks so you shouldn’t take them completely seriously, however, the leaks are quite convincing when you take into consideration that they’re straight from the official Overwatch League API,


Only 5 out of the 7 teams are ones we didn’t know about before. Atlanta Reign and Toronto Defiant have previously already revealed their logo and branding so these aren’t really new. The teams we didn’t know about before are Hangzhou Spark, Washington Justice, Paris Eternal, Guangzhou Charge, and Chengdu Hunters.

Here are the logos for all of the teams.


u/BetterFixThat also found the acronym for the Vancouver team but apparently, no name, branding, or logo exists yet for this team thus we will just have to wait patiently for its reveal.

With the addition of Hangzhou spark and Guangzhou Charge, we have a total of 3 electricity-based team names as we previously already had San Francisco Shock. Some Redditors are also complaining about how there are too many red teams right now. With Washington Justice and Paris Eternal being the new “red teams”. The colors that these teams will be using in-game though have not yet been revealed so I would not be too worried about that. If they all looked too similar to each other Blizzard wouldn’t allow it due to the confusion that it might cause.

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