Maokai, Nunu & Willump, And Trundle Buffed In League Patch 8.22

A new League of Legends patch has gone live and it will be the final patch before the massive preseason changes. Since this patch is the last one before the preseason, the changes are rather timid and only adjust the power of a few specific champions. This patch is very unlikely to impact the meta in a really major way although there are still a few winning and losing champions.


Maokai – Maokai has received a small buff to his E with which he can now better clear jungle camps. This change might make jungle Moakai a bit stronger as he’s allowed to gank a bit earlier but it probably won’t change too much. It’s also a buff to the occasional Maokai support as E gives him a lot of poke but that’s really a novelty.

Nunu & Willump – Despite receiving a fantastic rework, Nunu & Willump couldn’t quite find their place within the meta. They have received a buff to their base attack damage which will increase their early game jungle clear as well as early game ganks. Consume has also received a buff to give Nunu & Willump more sustainability. These changes give Nunu & Willump a bit more power in the early game both in the jungle and during duels.


Pyke – Pyke has received a whole bunch of changes that all aim to do one thing, make his playstyle riskier. Currently, a lot of Pyke players build relatively tanky and will still output a lot of damage, however, Riot wants Pyke to be a high-risk high-reward champion and thus Pyke players will be rewarded for building AD and lethality, whereas tanky Pyke will be a lot less effective. If you know how to play Pyke well, this is definitely a strong buff but if you love the tanky version than you should regard this as a huge nerf.

Trundle – Previous nerfs to Trundle took away a lot of his dueling power and now Riot is looking to reverse that by buffing his Q, Chomp. It has a higher base damage on later levels and an increase AD ratio. This change is good for both top lane as well as jungle Trundle so you can probably expect to see more of him.



Akali – Akali is rightfully receiving a few changes to make her margin for errors a lot smaller in the early game. The cooldown on her Shroud is increased so you can’t spam it as often and early game damage on her ultimate has also been dialed down. These changes will make Akali a lot more manageable in the early game so she probably won’t snowball as often.

LeBlanc – LeBlanc has been given a minuscule nerf in power on her W and thus will remain almost as strong as she was before. Riot has already stated that they won’t nerf her more cause of certain changes coming in the preseason.

Top lane Viktor – Viktor has been given a few changes on his Q and ultimate that decrease his base damage but increase the ability ratios on these abilities. These changes make top lane Viktor weaker while buffing a more traditional mage build for Viktor.

Other stuff

Both Jihn and Fiora have received some quality of life updates. Fiora’s Lunge targeting has been changed slightly where it will now an enemy targeted by Fiora’s ult even if all the vitals have previously already been procced. This will make her slightly better in situations where she wants to prioritize a single enemy when more are presented. Jihn’s changed are in his passive, where his bonus movement speed will be calculated when he fires a crit rather than when the crit lands.

Lasty, Timework Tonic has been changed and instead of extending the duration of potions, will now grant 50% of the potion’s effect upfront and the other 50% will be gained for the duration that the potion lasts. This will make potions more like a burst effect rather than an overtime one. This patch also brings 5 new skins, program skins for Nami and LeBlanc, Praethorian skin for Fiddlesticks and Graves, and the victorious Orianna skin.


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