A Tour Of Riot Games Newest Esports Arena – LoL Park

Riot Games just opened up a brand new Esports Arena in Seoul, South Korea 2 months ago in September. The new stadium, called, “LoL Park,” is a massive building completely dedicated to League of Legends. We were fortunate enough to get an inside look at the place while there for a press conference with Invictus Gaming and Fnatic before the World’s Championship. Here’s a short tour of the things we saw.

LoL Park

Here’s what the building looks like from the outside.

There’s a big open ground floor, but the fun really starts once you head up these escalators.

While you’re riding up them, there’s a sweet pixel art animation that is played on the ceiling above featuring a lot of your favorite LoL champions.


LoL Park Exhibition Area

On the next floor, you’ll see a big sign letting you know you’re in the right place.

Upon entering the arena, you’ll immediately notice the LCK summer team uniforms hanging on the wall.

Here’s a zoomed up pic of the SKT shirt.

Near the uniforms, there’s also a display featuring miniature figurines of some of the biggest LCK players.

Here’s a closer shot of the Faker model.

And here’s Deft.

Next to this display, there’s another one showcasing a group of champions engaged in an epic Baron fight.

Jayce and Morgana up close.

Jayce taking aim at Baron.

Here’s Mecha Sion looking fierce.

The LCK Stadium

Moving past the exhibition area, we found ourselves in the actual LCK stadium. The seating area has three big screens and a maximum seating capacity of 500. While not big enough to host an international event, it contains more than enough seats for everyday LCK fans wishing to come in to catch the games.


The seats themselves are pretty comfortable and come equipped with a cup holder for beverages.

This pre-Worlds Finals media event gave us and other members of the press a chance to interview both Fnatic and Invictus Gaming. The contents of the interview will be uploaded later as a separate post. Until then, here’s some pictures taken during the press conference.

Invictus Gaming


After the interview session was over, we decided to explore other areas of the LoL Park.

While wandering around, we came across a giant mural with sketches of LoL champions and esports players. Check it out below.

Nearby, there was also a display featuring a figurine of Gen. G’s jungler, Ambition.

We also passed by a café area in the arena.

Finally, we ended the day where all exhibitions end – the gift shop!

The store wasn’t particularly big, but it was packed to the brim with exclusive Season 8 merchandise.

The LoL Park is definitely a must-see place for any serious League of Legends fan. If you ever find yourself in Seoul, make sure you go and visit it. It does not disappoint!


Translated from: Original article in Chinese (by Palin)

Featured Image Source: Esportsinsider

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