Pissed Off Diablo Fans Take A Swing At Blizzard In The Best Way Possible

Pissed Off Diablo Fans Take Swings At Blizzard In The Best Way Possible

In the wake of the disastrous announcement of the mobile only Diablo Immortal at BlizzCon this weekend instead of full-fledged PC game, frustrated fans are coming up with novel ways to direct a middle finger at Blizzard to vent their disappointment.

Among these, is a jesting jab at Blizzard in the form of a website domain titled PlayDiablo4.com

. By visiting the site, users are directed to the official web site of Diablo-esque free-to-play online RPG Path of Exile, instead of say a meme or Blizzard’s Diablo page. The landing page even includes the inscription form to start playing Path of Exile. Brutal.

The barb isn’t particularly well veiled, but profoundly effective. If for some reason it needs explaining then looking to the rave reviews for Path of Exile, ongoing updates and content – even though it was released back in 2013 – and the game being unapologetically inspired by the Diablo

series, should provide answers.

The message is clear, Diablo fans are pissed off that Blizzard didn’t deign grace BlizzCon with even a teeny tease, screenshot, or confirmation that the next chunky Diablo release is in the works. To re-purpose an overused idiom – hell hath no fury like a Diablo fan scorned.

Fortunately, the exposure hasn’t gone to waste. Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear took the seemingly negative limelight and used it to great effect to peddle the game’s upcoming large scale 3.5.0 expansion, which launches in two short weeks.

As for the deluge of hate towards Blizzard, the gaming giant commented that it expected some negativity surrounding Diablo Immortal, but the backlash has exceeded all expectations.

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