Private Leagues Will Be Implemented In Path Of Exile

Blizzard’s Diablo team had a less than stellar announcement this weekend but Diablo’s “spiritual successor” Path of Exile, on the other hand, has just announced something fantastic. Private Leagues will be added to the game. Although this announcement by itself has already made Path of Exile fans extremely happy, it’s only a small announcement compared to the update 3.5.0 announcement that will come next week.

According to Grinding Gear Games, private leagues is something that the team had been exploring for a while already. The ones that will be implemented are mainly designed to accommodate 2 different groups of players. Players that want Path of Exile to be more challenging and players that want their own private league for a group of close friends. They will also be fantastic for content creators that want to organize fun events or streams with their fans.


You will need to pay a total of 120 points in order to create your own private league. This league will last for 10 days and will have a total of 10 players slots available. By investing more points you can increase the number of players allowed in your private league and you will be able to extend the duration that your league will exist. Private leagues will also be able to be crowdfunded.

  • Additional blocks of 10 player slots can be purchased for 60 points.
  • Additional blocks of 100 player slots can be purchased for 600 points.
  • Additional blocks of 10 days can be purchased for 60 points.
  • Additional blocks of 30 days can be purchased for 180 points.

Mods to make the game more challenging can be added to your league for free. You have to add them when creating your league according to the developer update, so it’s very likely that you can’t change the mods of your league once it has been created. There’s quite a large variety to choose from. These are the ones that will be introduced now but more will be added to the game at a later time.


Mods that separately increase Monster Damage, Life, Speed, Elemental Damage and Number of Projectiles: These mods often come in several tiers and make monsters harder in various ways. You can add whichever combination of these various mods you desire to increase the challenge of monsters in the league.

Reduced Player Resistances: Having a blanket resistance penalty not only makes combat harder but also increases the difficulty of finding a set of perfect gear that meets all your resistance needs.

No Stashes: This one’s for the true masochists. Without the ability to store items for later, characters in a No Stashes league need to live off the land with constraints that make completing Path of Exile a lot more challenging. You can parent to an SSF league to disable trade, guaranteeing that your characters are fully self-sufficient.

No Magic or Rare Items Drop: In leagues of this type, you can only find normal and, at their usual drop rate, unique items, so you have to use every currency item you find to add mods to your gear. You’ll find yourself actually using Orbs of Transmutation, running out of Essences and treasuring every Chaos Orb for its intended purpose. Trade values of currency items will likely be extremely different in leagues like this, due to opportunity cost.

No Vending: In a No-Vending league, you can’t buy items from or sell items to NPCs in town. You’re still able to complete quest objectives but can’t rely on vendor recipes or NPC shops to gear up.

Famine: In Famine leagues, your life, mana, energy shield, and flasks do not refill when you go to town. This can be added alongside other mods to create the ultimate live-off-the-land league.

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