Smash Bros Fan Builds Custom 8-Player Gamecube Controller Adapter

There are countless Smash Bros. enthusiasts around the world, and every one of them is hyped for the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on December 7th. The game has found the exact recipe for fun, big multiplayer battles – no other fighting game comes close to the huge group fun it offers. One particular fan has gone to incredible lengths to prepare for the upcoming massive multiplayer fiesta. As reported by GoNintendo

(via Kotaku), Redditor u/10000ukuleles has built a custom 8-player Gamecube controller adapter for the Switch, allowing him and 7 of his buddies to play the game in the purest of retro ways.

Here’s his original post on Reddit.

Ready for Smash Ultimate with my 8-player, 1-usb 3D printed GameCube controller adapter! from NintendoSwitch

In an imgur album10000ukuleles reveals step by step how he built the 8-player adapter. The device is built from “two official Nintendo WiiU-GameCube controller adapters and a powered USB hub” that he fit inside of a 3D-printed shell. Here’s a look at the inside of the adapter.


Redditor 10000ukuleles printed the shell using Ultimaker 3 with PLA and PVA (water soluble) supports.

Here’s another picture he shared featuring all of the tools required to setup the adapter.

Aside from the “Heatshrink with built-in solder”, the rest is pretty easy to come by: a tri-wing and Phillips screwdriver, metal file, and wire clippers.

10000ukuleles has already tested it out with the WiiU Smash4 and it worked without any problems. Here it is in action.

Despite the fact that it worked on the WiiU, there’s still no guarantee that it will run smoothly on the Switch. Hopefully, everything works out for 10000ukuleles and the many others who will follow his designs to craft that perfect retro Smash Bros. experience. Luckily, we won’t have to wait long to find out how it goes though – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate goes on sale on December 7th.


Featured Image Source: Goomba Stomp

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