10 League of Legends Champions To Climb With During Season 8’s Final Weeks

The end of the League of Legends ranked season is approaching fast and will be finished on November 12. This means that you less than 2 weeks left to grind your way up to gold for the ranked rewards or higher for the bragging rights. However, climbing through the ranks is easier said than done and some people might be stuck at a certain rank. Some champions are simply better at climbing than other so here’s our advice on which champions you should try to climb with.

We will recommend 2 champions per role and these are chosen based on how strong they are in solo queue and how easy they are to carry with. Each role will have a beginner champion and a harder champion so that both new players and seasoned veterans have something to pick up.

Top Lane



Sion is relatively easy to play and extremely strong. Due to the passive on his W, he can easily become the most durable tank in the game and any team that does not have a strong late-game ADC will have trouble taking down this big boy. You can also easily set up ganks or teamfights with your ultimate as long as you learn to somewhat control it. Sion is also quite strong in a lot of matchups as he simply doesn’t die. If you’re a new player then Sion is definitely the go-to tank at the moment and you can easily carry your team if you engage on the right targets.


Although top lane Viktor is a relatively new pick it has proven to be extremely strong. You basically stomp any melee champion and this is what you will mostly encounter in the top lane. Viktor’s mechanics are a little tricky and his playstyle might take a while to get used to but once you get the hang of it you will most likely always win the lane. In teamfights, you’re also quite strong as you have solid area denial with your W and ultimate although you truly shine when 1v1ing melee champions.




Although this lonely mummy is not really part of the meta anymore, you should not underestimate him in lower elos. The reason you don’t see him in professional play is that he’s easily abused in the early game but if you’re stuck in silver or lower this won’t happen a lot. Once you reach level 6 though you have access to one of the best engages in the game. In lower elos most games are won through teamfights and Amumu is one hell of a teamfighting champion. All you have to do is find a 4 or 5-man ultimate and you’ve probably carried your team to victory.


There’s a reason that Taliyah has been the number one jungler for a while now and that is simply because she’s incredibly strong. Once you start to understand her kit and mechanics there’s basically nothing that you can’t do. You will be able to duel most enemy junglers, you have strong ganks, and once you’re level 6 you easily access any lane that you desire. There are hardly any downsides to picking Taliyah in solo queue except that you have to know how to play her as she’s a bit complicated. If you’re confident in your Taliyah play though, this pick can easily help you grind a few ranks.

Mid Lane


Similarly to Amumu, Annie is criminally underrated in lower level play. Although she’s never seen in professional play, low-level players will have a hard time playing around her. Her kit is quite potent in lane although not the strongest. Try coordinating ganks with your jungler as you can easily set up a stun for him/her. Past level 6 is where Annie truly shines though, as she has one of the best engage/pick-off ultimates in the game. Annie’s damage is nothing to laugh at either as you can easily blow up squishy targets. If you can ult plus stun multiple enemies or a key target this can easily shift the entire game in your favor.



It should come as no surprise that Irelia is one of the best champions to carry games with. She’s been a force to be reckoned with in all levels of play and easily deserves her spot on this list. Although early laning phase can sometimes be a bit tough depending on the matchup, once you get rolling there’s literally nothing in the game that can stop you. A good Irelia player will style on your entire team and the only thing that you can do is watch and die. The biggest counter to Irelia is the ban phase as she’s banned a lot, but if she’s open then be sure to get your hands on her.


Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is one of the best AD carries to pick up if you’re a newer player as she doesn’t require a great deal of skill to get the most out of. She’s a lot more ability based than most AD carries, which means that you don’t have to learn the fine mechanical skill required to play most of the other AD carries. Your laning phase is strong as Miss Fortune can easily poke with her Q and you’ll also be able to easily coordinate in teamfights as most of the time you just have to drop your ult to kill everything. Just like with Annie and Amumu, don’t underestimate this champ simply because she isn’t played on the Worlds stage.


Lucian requires a bit more skill then Miss Fortune but is certainly not a difficult champion either. Although I said there would be one hero for beginners and one for advanced players, I simply can’t leave out Lucian on this list. He’s in an extremely strong place right now and will easily win almost every single bot lane matchup. Once you win bottom you can use the gold that you’ve earned to snowball yourself to two or three items and often win the game straight out. The only thing that can stop Lucian is a team that understands that he falls off in late game and waits until that stage of the game, but you won’t encounter this in solo queue.



One thing that is important in lower levels of play is to win the laning phase as enemy teams often can’t come back from a deficit. One champ that can win the entire bottom lane by himself is Brand. His incredible poke and burst ensure that you can carry any ADC in the game as there’s simply nothing that can withstand the sheer power of this pick. In higher elos he’s less effective as people are better in dodging his abilities but this won’t really be an issue in lower elos. Your ult is also incredibly good during teamfights so make sure to abuse this pick if you’re trying to climb into gold.


The support king is back once again as the most reliable support in the game. Due to his versatility, Thresh can excel in almost any team composition and in any situation. His hook can be used for pick-offs and engages, his lantern for ganks or safety, his flay for aggression or peel, and his ult for teamfights or protection. Thresh’s only real weakness is poke as he lacks sustain for himself and his laner but most of the time he can engage upon the enemy and easily kill them together with his ADC. If you have mastered Thresh then there’s literally no reason to not play him.

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