Riot Has Detailed How The Will Change Ranked Queue In 2019

League of Legends is one of the few games left where ranked seasons take up the majority of the year instead of taking up only one or a few months. This can often make it feel quite sluggish in comparison to ranked modes in other games where you multiple ranked seasons in a year which gives you a fresh start more often. However, after almost a decade, Riot is finally changing the way that it’s ranked system works which should make it feel a whole lot different and more rewarding.


The news was shared through the developer diary which is essentially the same as a developer update.

The biggest difference between the new ranked season and the old one is that the new one will be divided into 3 splits. These splits will most likely all last an equal amount of time and the more splits that you play in the better the rewards that you receive. The developers have stated that people who only have a little amount of time to play per split will most likely still be able to receive the rewards as long as you have played. What exactly these rewards will entail is still a little up in the air.


Furthermore, every player will receive his own “Ranked Armor” which is basically the new way of indicating which rank you are as a player. This armor will evolve and upgrade alongside your rank and is also visible in a lot more places besides your profile. It will also be visible when queueing up, during the loading screen, and on your banner. This means that it’s a lot easier to show off which rank you are and how much time you sank into playing ranked. You will also be able to upgrade your armor simply through playing which will add small decoration to your armor.

Although these changes will most likely give ranked queue the new and fresh feeling that it desperately needs, it doesn’t seem to be extremely different. Although it’s now divided into three splits, there are no soft resets in between the splits and the ranked queue will still be available. Hopefully, there will be a clear distinction between the splits otherwise the ranked queue might feel like it hasn’t changed that much at all.

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