PUBG Teases New Sanhok Exclusive Rony Pickup Truck and QBU DMR

New Pickup Truck and Rifle Coming to Sanhok

PUBG’s Thailand-inspired Sanhok map is getting a facelift only a few weeks after launch with a map-specific new weapon and a brand new pickup truck to gallivant around lush jungles and dilapidated tourist resorts. The news emerged via two videos posted to PUBG’s YouTube channel.

Able to comfortably traverse dirt roads and crassy hillocks, the Rony seem particularly suited to the lumpy topography of Sanhok due no doubt to added suspension in comparison to traditional PUBG vehicles. The style of the pickup is also in keeping with the Sanhok theme with a well-worn look and rusted corners belying years of reliable use in humid climes.The Rony is also by far the largest four wheeled vehicles on Sanhok, making it ideal for impromptu cover when firefights erupt out of nowhere.


Dubbed the QBU, the new bullpup DMR (designated marksman) rifle uses 5.56 rounds with a standard magazine capacity of 10 rounds or 20 with an extended magazine attachment. The QBU’s ballistic specs and recoil behavior mimic the Mini 14, though it offers slightly higher bullet damage. The similarities between the two rifles mean the Mini 14 will no longer spawn on Sanhok once the QBU goes live.


The QBU is unique in that when prone the recoil is drastically lower compared to many other non-crate DMRs. This is facilitated by an in-built bipod, though in exchange for this stability the QBU won’t accept grips and stock attachments. With a high bullet velocity and significant recoil when standing, the sway is pretty intense meaning the QBU won’t fare well when fired in quick succession. The QBU should be perfect for long range combat and seems more suited to stealthy engagement from a safe distance. Though players will have to weight up the risk of being spotted and the inherent vulnerability of being prone for too long.

No word at the moment on when the Rony and QBU will go live on test servers or when PUBG Corp hope to bring them into competitive play.

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