Weekly Trailer Round-Up: Euclidean Skies, Call of Cthulhu & More

Weekly Trailer Round-Up: Euclidean Skies, Call of Cthulhu & More

How the week flies by. We’ve here again with the finest selection of trailers from the past seven days. We have a game about observing humans, a medieval tavern management sim, a new attempt at capturing Lovecraft’s oeuvre as a video game, a haunting true story, & more.

Crossroads Inn

We’ve got hospital simulators, city-builders, theme park simulators, but the one thing missing was a medieval tavern simulator. Fortunately, Crossroads Inn offers just that with a release scheduled for next year. Marrying elements of a management sim and RPG, it mixes two distinct game play modes to seemingly great effect. On the surface, you build and manage the tavern with intricacies such as hiring staff, sorting suppliers and recipes, and ensuring day to day activities goes smoothly. Delve deeper and the tavern becomes a hub for the power struggles happening within the kingdom. Crossroads Inn isn’t the prettiest game, but we nevertheless can’t wait to sample the tavern’s delights.


Call of Cthulhu

Beyond the confounding task of simply spelling the title right, Call of Cthulhu released last week, but not before letting loose a final launch trailer. Sleuthing RPG inspired by the pen and paper game of the same name, Call of Cthulhu is all about tracking down the elusive Lovecraftian Cthulhu creature. Reality shifts, dreams turn to nightmares, the past surfaces to haunt, and it’s all rather terrifying from what the trailer shows.

Tin Hearts

A game about invention and the marvel of letting your creativity run free, Tin Hearts is a VR puzzler about using tin soldiers to overcome increasingly complex obstacles. Add to that a sweet, compelling narrative and a richly child-like world of toys and wonder.

Euclidean Skies

Channeling a bit of Fez as well as you favorite turn-based strategy title, Euclidean Skies is an iOS exclusive puzzle game that appears to be for the sharp minded among us. The puzzles are seemingly complex inspired by the eponymous father of geometry and require quite a bit of lateral thinking, all within the confines of a stunning world of nebulous floating architecture and enemies hidden behind shifting platforms.

Just Cause 4 – Panoramic Trailer

Just Cause 4’s release is steadily creeping nearer and this week Avalanche released a 4K, panoramic treaser showcasing the game in all its glory. Here’s to you having an appropriate monitor or TV to view it on. Otherwise, the trailer is enough to satisfy with new views of Rico careening through increasingly dangerous scenarios.


Maid of Sker

Creepy British first person horror survival fear fest is a gaming take on an arguably true story pulled straight from Welsh folklore about a woman, Elizabeth Williams, and Sker House, known as one of the most haunted locales in the British Isles. Based predominantly on stealth as a way to navigate the horrors hiding in the darkness, Maid of Sker looks to be quite the thrilling affair. We’ll have to wait until the tail end of 2019 for release though.

Storm Boy

Storm Boy popped up on our weekly round-up a few months back. This week we got a brand new trailer offering a little more of what the game is all about. From what we can gather it’s the tale of a young boy who befriends a pelican. They gallivant on the beach, play ball, explore the sea bed, and sail rafts. Sweet and tender, Storm Boy will be a game for when those heavy hitting titles become a bit too much and we all need to chill a little.

Agent A: A Puzzle In Disguise

Agent A: A Puzzle In Disguise is a puzzle game centered on the sophisticated world of high ranking spies. You must disrupt the plans of femme fatale Ruby La Rouge as she goes about setting her nefarious plans in motion. James Bond meets Archer, or at least somewhere in between. The hand drawn characters mixed in with a polygonal style works well. Here’s to delving into a long gone spy world.

Do Not Feed The Monkeys

A tongue in cheek point and click adventure, Do Not Feed The Monkeys switches the trope of observing species from the relative safety of a glass enclosure. Humans become the observed creatures, the monkeys. Essentially a big brother voyeuristic simulator, Do Not Feed The Monkeys allows players front row seats through a network of CCTV cameras to the idiosyncratic daily routines of countless of these subjects. Make the right decisions and a hefty pay day is just around the corner. Mess up and not only will you disrupt the monkeys, but also sign your own death warrant.

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