The Next Big Research Reward In Pokémon Go Is Shedinja

Just before last weekend, the official Pokémon Go Twitter account shared with us that November is going to be all about bug types. The creepy crawlers are part of one of the larger Pokémon groups and bugs are also what inspired the entire Pokémon franchise in the first place. In exchange for catching some bugs, we will also be able to receive one of the weirdest and most original Pokémon in the game, Shedinja


The news was announced on the official Pokémon Go Twitter account just before the weekend began.

Shedinja is a third generation bug/ghost type Pokémon and he’s notorious for being the Pokémon with the lowest amount of HP in the game as he has just 1 HP. Now you’re probably asking yourself, why would I ever use a Pokémon that has only 1 HP, wouldn’t he die to literally everything? Fortunately for Shedinja, he comes packed with a neat ability called Wonder Guard. This ability prevents him from receiving damage from attacks that are not super effective against him, which means he can only die from Flying, Rock, Ghost, Fire, and Dark moves.


All players will have a chance to obtain Shedinja as he will be the reward for the field research that will, of course, be completely about bug-type Pokémon. This is quite a neat way of receiving Shedinja as he’s one of the weirdest Pokémon to obtain and might have been difficult to implement in Pokémon Go in a natural way due to his evolutionary line.

Shedinja is an alternate, or rather additional, evolution in the Nincada line. Nincada naturally evolves into Ninjask, however, when players have an empty space in their party they will also receive Shedinja. Obviously, Niantic was not able to implement this into Pokémon Go as the evolution and party system in the game is quite different from the main Pokémon games, which is why giving him away as a reward for completing the field research is a pretty smart move.

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