IG Proves Too Powerful For G2 And Win With A Clean 3-0

Although G2 managed to beat the number 1 LPL seed, RNG, last week in a surprising upset victory during the quarterfinals, the number 2 seed proved to be too much for the European team to handle. Invictus Gaming ran all over G2 who were never given a chance to get ahead or execute their gameplan. It looked more like a public execution than that it looked like an evenly matched series.

Game 1

Although it took a while for kills to fall in the first game, IG still build up a lead for themselves purely through cs number and through the pressure that Rookie and TheShy were able to exert in the solo lanes. Perkz was playing Aatrox versus Rookie’s Jayce and quickly found himself down 30 to 40 cs. Wunder was given a favorable matchup against TheShy in the hopes that he would be able to go head to head against the top lane prodigy but even in an unfavorable matchup, TheShy outclassed Wunder by a mile. Once kills started rolling they almost solely went into the direction of IG and the squad quickly closed out the game with the tremendous lead that they had acquired.


Game 2

Once again Jayce proved to be the downfall of G2. This time it was TheShy who was able to get rolling on the Jayce instead of Rookie and he made Jayce look like the most OP champion in the entire game. Despite trying to go for some proactive plays, G2 was given absolutely no chance for a comeback as one hit of Jayce’s empowered shock blast brought G2 members down to a sliver of health. Rookie was also able to get rolling on LeBlanc and it quickly turned into another TheShy and Rookie versus all of G2 show. Needless to say that the game once again ended with G2’s nexus exploding before the 30-minute mark.


Game 3

Game 3 was do-or-die for G2 as they were already down 2-0 at that point. They desperately needed to get ahead in the early game and actually managed to get ahead through smart rotational plays made by Jankos and Perkz. G2 relatively well with the lead that they had created for themselves until they greeded a bit too hard for the mid lane turret. This put the game back in an even state where mid-game teamfights would be the decider for who would win the game. Unfortunately for G2, TheShy is simply way too strong at navigating these fights as he won multiple back-to-back teamfights by himself. It didn’t take long for IG to close out the game and end the series with a statement 3 to 0 victory.

G2 was simply outmatched in the solo lanes against Invictus Gaming which took a toll on their decision making and team fighting throughout all 3 games. The solo laners in G2 are normally able to get ahead through their in-game skill which means they can set up the 1-3-1 later in the game. However, Rookie and TheShy outclassed both Perkz and Wunder respectively which meant that G2 simply fell apart as a team.

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