League Of Legends Developer Update Teases Preseason Changes

Riot has revealed a whole bunch of new preseason changes in a developer blog post

. The last look we got at some upcoming preseason changes was almost a month ago so it’s about time for some more. This update has multiple changes that address the laning phase, comebacks, runes, and ending games. The changes will be shipped to the PBE shortly although things are still expected to change leading up to the preseason patch which will be patch 8.23

Laning Phase

The first change that will be made to the game is that Riot wants to lengthen the laning phase. Right now one gank or bad matchup can cost you your tower which Riot does not want to happen anymore. They have come up with quite a creative solution which comes in the form of “Turret Plating” which just looks like an enormous shield that’s been planted in front of your turret


This shield has 5 layers which will have to be taken off 1 by 1 before you can start hitting the actual turret. If you destroy a plate this will increase the resistances of the remaining plates and if you’re sieging the turret with more than 1 person the turret will receive a defensive shield called “bulwark” for a short while after destroying a plate. Destroying a plate is not just detrimental to you though as you will also be rewarded with a small amount of gold. After the 14-minute mark, the plates will be removed and you can destroy turrets in the usual way.


The second change is to the Runes. We were previously informed that Riot was going to remove the stat bonuses from rune paths so that players were freer to pick the runes that they want on specific champions. Now they will implement a new system which allows players to pick their own bonus stats that include stats like; more adaptive damage, more HP per level, flat amounts of resistances, or attack speed bonuses. This system and the number are still being tweaked so nothing is set in stone yet but it certainly looks like an improvement over the current stat bonuses.


Riot has also changed the way that bounties are calculated which means that the losing team is granted a clearer path to a comeback. First of all, bounties will now be displayed on the scoreboard which will make it easier for teams to decide which enemy to shut down. Bounties will also not come solely from kills anymore but will also increase with the amount of farm that you have. Furthermore, bounties that you receive are capped at 1000 gold, however, if the enemy’s bounty exceeds 1000 gold the remainder of the bounty will roll over to the next death. This means that a really fed champion could be shut downed multiple times while still having a bounty.

Another change to the bounty system is that players who are on the losing team but are playing really well will receive a smaller bounty. This is once again to make comebacks more achievable. If you’re currently trying to carry your team from behind but are shut down by the enemy team it feels really unfair as it has just given them even more of a lead. This change is probably one of the best ones so far.

Closing Games

Finally, Riot has given more details on how they want games to end faster. We were previously informed that this is a change that they were striving for but were not given many details. Now we now that Riot plans to make minions stronger earlier in the game as well as spawn more cannons. They also plan to spawn objectives such as dragon, baron, and the elder drake more often to give teams an incentive to fight. If you want the full details on all the minion changes you should read the full update as it’s very detailed and too much to post here.

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