The Only Perfect Worlds 2018 Pick’Em Left Bets It All On Fnatic

Every Worlds tournament all League of Legends players get to play Worlds Pick’Ems. Pick’Ems is a sort of side-competition where people can predict how the group standings will be after 2 weeks of play and how the playoffs will commence. For each correct prediction you will receive a certain number of points and if you score enough points you receive an icon you can use in-game.

Of course, the ultimate goal of pick’ems is to predict every single result correctly but since there are always numerous upset and unexpected victories during international tournaments it is nearly impossible to do so. Most of the time there are a couple of people who do so although nobody had the perfect pick’em last year. This year there is only 1 person left with a correct pick’em.

WANDERINGRICTIQ has so far predicted everything perfectly. He somehow predicted the tumultuous group stages correctly and even predicted that both IG and G2 would advance to the semifinals through massive upsets. This means that he has a whopping 84 points at the moment which is more than enough the receive the pick’ems icon.

If  WANDERINGRICTIQ really is a prophet than we can expect Fnatic to win against Cloud 9 in the semifinals and G2 to win against IG. This would mean that Fnatic would face off against G2 during the finals of Worlds which Fnatic would win according to his predictions. It won’t be until next week that we find out whether he can actually see the future of whether it’s just luck but all his hope is certainly resting on Europe.

The prize for getting a perfect pick’em is nothing to laugh at either. People who correctly predict everything will receive all legendary skins that are currently in the game. This means that if WANDERINGRICTIQ’s predictions are actually correct he will receive Gun Goddess Miss Fortune, Elementalist Lux, Pulsefire Ezreal, Spirit Guard Udyr, and DJ Sona. Certainly, a price that any League player would be happy with.

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