New FFBE Unit Lilith Guide And Review – Find Out Just How Good She Is

With Halloween right around the corner, two holiday-themed units have entered the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius summoning pool: Lilith and Lucius. You’ll only be able to play Lilith until November 2, so better check her out while you can. The latter is a straight-forward damage dealer that doesn’t really bring anything unique to the table. Lilith, on the other hand, has a very interesting kit. She is a Basch-like character in that she can provide both physical and magic covers! She also has chaining moves that scale off of SPR, as well as unique charm-heavy attacks. Let’s take a closer look at Lilith and find out whether or not she’s worth investing some resources to try and obtain.

Lilith Review

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For the most part, Lilith’s passive traits synergize with her job as a tank. She has innate immunities to sleep, paralyze, confuse, petrify, and charm thanks to Succubus’s Charm. In addition to this, she has 100% dark resistance and gets a 30% SPR boost with Devilish Wish. She also gets a total of 50% DEF and when she gets under 50% HP, she automatically gets a giant 100% boost to DEF and SPR with Crimson Curse, bringing her total innate DEF passives up to 150%! Honestly, the only trait that doesn’t make much sense is her Dream Walker passive which reduces her chance to be targeted by 50%. If you’re a tank, pretty sure you’re supposed to be TAKING the hits – not avoiding them.

Lilith also has a unique counter mechanic. She gets a passive called Devilish Luck which gives her a 100% chance to counter. At 6-star, she gets access to two unique counter abilities: Vitality Chemistry and Energy Chemistry. Vital Chemistry gives her a chance to counter with Vitality Melding – a multi-hit AoE ability with the same frames as Divine Ruination (DR). This is a 2.4x magic damage attack which scales off of SPR. It heals 15% of Lilith’s HP and also has a 5% chance of inflicting charm on her enemy. Likewise, Energy Chemistry gives her a chance to counter with Energy Melding, which is the same as the vitality move except that instead of healing Lilith’s HP by 15%, it enables her to recover 15% MP. Both of these can proc once per turn.

If you manage to snag 2x Lilith and awaken her to 7-stars, she gets access to a third counter – Dream Chemistry. This counter procs Dream Melding, which offers the same AoE 2.4 magic attack with SPR scaling, but instead of healing HP or MP, it provides a party-wide 100% LB gauge fill rate buff.

The idea with giving these three counters DR frames is that if you have two Lilith’s or one of her and a Lucius, the two units can actually chain their counters!

Active Abilities

Lilith’s schtick is that all of her damage abilities also come with a small chance to charm her enemies. She can AoE imperil both dark and fire by 50% for 3-turns with Serpenté – Kiss of Dusk / Kiss of Dawn in addition to dealing SPR-based damage with each respective element. These abilities also come with a 5% chance of charming all enemies. She gets access to a stronger ST version of these abilities with Serpenté – Dusk Lash / Dawn Lash that both chain with Nyx’s Kingsglaive abilty. These attacks provide a longer 5-turn imperil at 60% to their respective elements and feature a bigger SPR-scaling coefficient of 5x.

Serpenté – Unholy Kiss applies a self 120% DEF/SPR boost for one turn which diminishes by 20% for each successive turn until it expires at 80% on turn 3. It also gives you a 10% chance to charm. Along with this personal buff, Lilith can also grant herself a 3-turn 1000 HP barrier with 80% HP Auto-revive with Love Hungry. Counter-Curse gives her team a 3-turn AoE ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR break resistance buff as well as removes all debuffs and ailments from herself. Needless to say, Lilith is extremely self-reliant.

Serpentine Tail allows her to use any two Serpenté skills in a turn, giving her some flexibility in dealing with different scenarios.

Speaking of flexibility, as I mentioned in the unit intro, Lilith is one of two characters in the entire game right now that can provide covers for both physical and magical attacks without using a cooldown ability. Demonic Guard – Physical and Demonic Guard – Magical give her 3-turn covers with 50-70% damage reduction.

Finally, if you’re lucky enough to grab two of her, Lilith at 7-star comes with 3 cooldown moves. The most important of these is Enchanting Corruption, which has a 5-turn CD and is available on turn 1. This ability provides an AoE 70% fire and dark resistance buff for 3-turns. Additionally, it provides the team with an extra 2-4 LB crysts as well as giving Lilith a 150% DEF/SPR buff.

And the cherry on top? Lilith at level 110 gains the ability to chain with the Aureole Ray family with Serpenté – Kiss of Midnight. This 4x 30-hit SPR-scaling ability deals fire and dark damage to all enemies while simultaneously healing Lilith by 1000 HP (4.8x coefficient) and recovering 75 MP. Considering that this ability only takes 45 MP, you’re basically making 30 MP just by using it!

Limit Burst

At max level 7-star, Lilith’s limit burst, Sinister Dance, is a big 12-hit SPR-scaling 10.9x AoE attack that also provides a 45% damage mitigation buff for two turns to her. At the same time, she also recovers 60% HP/MP.


Lilith’s TMR and STMR are pretty good for her, but not really very useful on other units. Her TMR, Midnight Star is a +15 ATK, +95 SPR mace that also provides a 20% HP and 10% DEF/SPR boost. Her STMR, Malefic Heart, is also more of a tank item. It’s an ability slot item that provides 30% HP and boosts DEF/SPR by 30% when equipped with a mace. It also boosts fire and dark resistance by 50%.


As you can see, Lilith has a pretty interesting kit. She is a self-buffing physical/magical tank that can chain with two families – Kingsglaive and Aureole Ray. Throw in her crazy DR-chaining counters and charm abilities, and you get one very unique unit.

Ultimately, the question of whether or not she’s worth spending resources is pretty easy to answer from a F2P perspective – do you have another 7-star magic tank? With Awakened Rain as the only 7-star magic tank in the game at the moment, your options for tanking magic attacks are somewhat limited. If you have Rain or 7-star Basch just waiting for his awakening, then you can probably pass on this banner.

There are some other strong limited units coming around soon too so it might be a good idea to conserve your resources a bit unless you’re in desperate need of a 7-star magic tank.


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