7 Mobile Legends Heroes That Should be Nerfed

In Mobile Legends, certain heroes are natural counters to another. For example, Akai counters Diggies, while Karrie counters Lolita. The list goes on. However, there are a number of heroes who are seemingly impossible to counter when you meet them in a fight. Here is a list of Mobile Legends heroes that should be nerfed as soon as possible.

1. Alice

Have you ever fought Alice in the late game? If not, count your lucky stars. Alice possesses a passive ability that centers around orbs accumulated during the creep farming laning phase. Each orb grants Alice 10 max HP. If we do the math, 100 orbs equate to 1000 extra HP, which is equivalent to one defensive item, but without taking up a valuable item slot. Worse still, Alice can regenerate her own blood by using her ultimate, chase down enemies with her ability 1, and petrify an enemy with her ability 2. Scary, right? This is exactly why Alice should be banned during every ranked match, at least until she’s nerfed.

2. Gatot Kaca

Since the most recent patch reworked all of Gatot Kaca’s abilities, things have been rather different for this hero. Gatot Kaca has become one of the most played heroes in the game, regardless of classic or ranked matches. The main reason is that he has three main crowd control skills: ability 1 slows, ability 2 taunts, while ability 3 stuns. Imagine chasing down a low HP enemy, only to encounter Gatot who forces you to attack him by using his ultimate, which doesn’t allow you to escape, essentially just waiting for him to kill you. Likewise, if Gatot’s ability 2 is active when you attack, he causes more damage to surrounding enemies, reducing their ability to inflict damage with every strike. To make matters worse, Gatot’s two passives grant health every time he strikes an enemy with lower HP than him. Add to this his ability to add armor up to a maximum of 250 and you get one of the most terrifying heroes in Mobile Legends.


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3. Helcurt

It’s no surprise Helcurt is among the most banned heroes in Ranked matches. The reason for this is that Helcurt is the annoying hero by definition. As an assassin, Helcurt has a complete skill set from his Mobility skill to his Burst damage skill, by way of his irritating Dark ultimate, and his Silent passive. Whereas most Mobile Legends heroes possess skills useful in the heat of battle, Helcurt’s work globally even outside of combat meaning he can assist pretty much wherever he is on the map. His ultimate is also useful to mess up long ranged marksman attacks by forcing them to remain silent and hidden. If you encounter Helcurt in a match, you’ll soon be cursing the opposing team to no end.

4. Minotaur

After sitting among the lowest ranked heroes in Season 2, Minotaur has become one of the most popular tank heroes in Mobile Legends thanks to his rework. Among his revamped skills are Heal and CC Area, which are nothing short of annoying. To add insult to injury, neither ability requires any mana. Minotaur can spam his skills only reigned in by CD. This means any lane covered by Mino and his teammates is almost impossible to breach. In terms of team fights, Minotaur’s Despair Stomp is just as tedious. The enemy team will be thrown into the air and stop moving for 1.5 seconds, allowing Mino’s team precious time to inflict vital damage. In Rage Mode, when Minotaur uses his ability 2, all sustained damage is converted to health, making him immortal for 1 second.

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5. Claude

Among the newest heroes in Mobile Legends, Claude is surprisingly considered an annoying hero, although he’s really no trouble during the early game and can easily be killed. Things quickly  change when he gets his hands on the Demon Hunter Sword item. He suddenly transforms into the opposing team’s worse nightmare. His passive ability allows him to use item effects twice for every strike. Moreover, his ultimate enables him to use an item effect within a chosen area. Add to that his run ability 2 and everyone agrees he’s among the most annoying, yet bad-ass heroes around.

6. Johnson

The one and only Johnson, who can transport his teammates around because, you know, he’s a car. Sitting comfortably among the more annoying heroes, Johnson’s Watering Plants ability causes serious damage, his Throwing Hammer ability stuns, and his ultimate is the aforementioned car transformation. Of these three skills, only two prove truly useful; Throwing Hammer and his ultimate. The reason for this is that his ultimate gives him easy access to all corners of the map, while Throwing Hammer can stun enemies from a relatively long distance. Combined, he can stun an enemy for 2 seconds. In addition, his ultimate allows a teammate to hitch a ride as he courses across the map. It will come as no surprise that any hero meeting him in the early game is destined to a swift death.

7. Fanny

The Queen of the Nerf still needs to be nerfed! Arguably among the hardest heroes to master, she is lethal when played properly and all but impossible to beat. Fanny has the highest burst damage stats of any hero in the game, which enables her to kill any player regardless of their role, except for tanks. If you see her coming, just run as fast and as far away as you can. To boot, when Fanny dies she can fly back to the scene of her death and exact deadly revenge.

What’s your experience of meeting these 7 heroes during battle? Please share your experiences in the comments below.


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