John “TotalBiscuit” Bain To Be Introduced In The Esports Hall Of Fame

The late John “TotalBiscuit” Bain will be introduced into the esports Hall of Fame as the first ever non-player. His introduction will be presented by Paysafecard during the ESL One Hamburg 2018 and it will commence near the end of October.

The ESL has decided to introduce TotalBiscuit into the Hall of Fame due to the tremendous work and effort he has put into various different gaming and esports related activities. TotalBiscuit started his gaming career by creating WoW radio and later transitioned into Starcraft. The gaming legend was a huge fan of Starcraft and this is also where he first started leaving his marks in the esports scene. He has influenced countless events either by managing them, being a commentator, sponsoring them, or outright organizing them by himself. He has even created his own Starcraft 2 team which called Axiom.

Nowadays the gaming legend was more known due to his huge presence on YouTube. He hosted the co-optional podcast which was, and still is, one of the biggest gaming podcasts in existence. He also used his platform to critique developers that made poor games as well as support developers who made fantastic ones. Developers of many indie games saw a huge influx of players solely due to TotalBiscuit spreading the word about their games such as League of Legends, Warframe, Path of Exile, and more.

Unfortunately for the gaming community, John Bain passed away at the age of 33 on May 24 earlier this year after a 4-year long battle with cancer. The esports and gaming community would not be as big as it now without the tremendous passion, effort, and love that he poured into it. His introduction into the Esports Hall of Fame will be a great tribute to the legend who is still sorely missed by many developers and gamers around the world. Despite not being a player, he’s definitely worthy of the honor that he will receive.

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