Hitman 2’s First Elusive Mission Stars Sean Bean And You Get To Kill Him

If you have watched any movie or tv show starring Sean Bean you have most likely seen him die on screen. For some reason, he seems to always star in a role that will somehow end up dead. Now that trend is being continued in video games as Sean Bean is making an appearance in Hitman 2 where you can obviously murder him in cold blood. So if you’ve ever wanted to kill Sean Bean yourself instead of watching him get killed, this is your chance.

Sean Bean will part of the first Elusive Mission that will come out for Hitman 2 which is a mission that’s only available for a limited amount of time. Sean Bean plays the role of Mark Faba who is an ex-MI5 agent who has become a freelance assassin. The assassin is also dubbed “The Undying” as he has faked his own death countless times. This is quite ironic as the character is played by Sean Bean but this is, of course, part of the joke. Definitely kudos to the writers for coming up with such a creative mission.

The promotion also serves another purpose as it showcases three exclusive weapons that players can vote on to get into the game. The first is a flash grenade robot, the second is a set of earphones which can be used to strangle people and the last is a pen that is stripped with dynamite. In order to vote all you need to do is click on the video that represents the item that you want to vote on. If you just want to see more of Sean Bean you can also just click on all 3 of the videos as he says a few more lines in each of them.

When this elusive mission will be playable has not yet been announced by IO, the developers of the game, but it will probably drop around the time that the game hits the stores which is on November 13th. If you wanna get your shot at killing off everyone’s favorite actor you have to make sure to get the game as soon as it releases.

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