Tyler1 And Imaqtpie In Insane WWE X League Of Legends Crossover

The world is getting more insane with each passing day. Apparently, popular League of Legends streamers Tyler1 and Imaqtpie are facing off in a WWE Vs. NXT League of Legends game!?

As crazy as it sounds, this extremely bizarre crossover event actually is actually happening. QT will be on team WWE and T1 will be on NXT’s team. A Reddit thread on the topic just appeared a few hours ago and has already racked up over 2000 likes. Redditor u/Greentowels started the thread and in addition with a bit of info this crazy story, shared a Twitter post from @JJWilliamsWON with pictures of the promotion. Check it out below.

Here’s QT making his way into the ring. Image Source: Twitter
Here’s Tyler1 with his NXT team entering the ring. Image Source: Twitter
Tyler1 giving a power pose in the ring. Image Source: Twitter

It’s really hard to believe this is real life. Even for the players themselves, this almost seems like a dream. In fact, Redditor u/anvielol noted that being a wrestler was QT’s childhood dream – a fact he talks about in the linked video.

According to u/Greentowels, the event is probably going to air during NXT Takeover: Wargames, which is the PPV (pay per view) event equivalent which airs live on November 18th. It will also be streamed on WWE / Xavier Wood’s gaming channel on YouTube.


Featured Image Source: Twitter

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