This Week In Gaming Nonsense: Fortnite Christmas Sweaters Anyone?

This Week In Gaming Nonsense: Fortnite Christmas Sweaters Anyone?

While the mainstream media has been marveling over the intricacies of Kanye West and Donald Trump’s righteous little chat in the oval office, the gaming world has mustered up its own smattering of abject nonsense, and we’re here to cover it all for your reading pleasure. This week we’ve got Star Citizen swindling to new heights, a speed running faux pas, the Bowsette meme that won’t die, and more.

Fortnite Christmas Sweaters

This Week In Gaming Nonsense: Fortnite Christmas Sweaters Anyone?

Seriously, Fortnite Christmas sweaters? Capitalizing on this year’s biggest gaming phenomenon, this band of opportunistic cloth weavers have had the great idea to not only prototype, but manufacture on a reasonably large scale some pretty gaudy Fortnite-inspired sartorial monstrosities. If you are 13-years old then Fortnite more than likely plays a huge part in your everyday life and is the topic of conversation with your buddies, but to go so far as to donne a Fortnite sweater is beyond even the questionable taste of the most foolhardy youth. Question is: who is going to buy this tat?

Bowsette Breath of The Wild Mod

Just as the Bowsette meme was about to die – to the relief of everyone who isn’t a die hard Nintendo fan – that nightmarish amalgamation of Bowser and Peach has risen from near death to rear its ugly head once again in the form of a mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. Given a mod for Mario 64 has already done the rounds and the meme is now a few weeks old, we say this one is unquestionably too late to the party. For everything that’s good in the universe, let Bowsette die and no longer clutter up our Twitter and news feeds.

Uber Eats Free COD For Cod

This Week In Gaming Nonsense: Fortnite Christmas Sweaters Anyone?

Some marketing executive in a high rise somewhere came up with this gem of an advertising ploys. You know, Call of Duty shortened to COD and the aquatic creature favored of British takeaway aficionados, the cod. Clever hey? The deal was a helping of fish & chips and a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 subject to availability for the low price of £7.99. The problem was the offer was only available from for select Harry Ramsden fisheries with only 40 copies of Black Ops 4 to go around. Suffice to say orders were cancelled, people were pissed off, and hardly anyone got to play Call of Duty. A fiasco if there ever was one. The only saving grace were the excellent fish puns that surfaced as a result.

Star Citizen Earns Over $1 Million At CitizenCon

Not satisfied to rest on its laurels as the most successful crowdfunded game of all time, eternally-in-development space sim Star Citizen racked in over $1 million in an astonishing funding run at this year’s CitizenCon. Aided in part by a polished and star-studded trailer for single player campaign Squadron 42, the haul is peanuts for a game that’s accumulated nearly $200 million from players over the years. Even more surprising is the willingness of fans to systematically throw money at Star Citizen though there’s no sign the game will be finished anytime soon.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Speed Running World Record Thwarted By Cheat Code

In the throes of an attempt to beat his own world record for Grand Theft Auto San: Andreas, speed runner LelReset inadvertently input the right sequence of keyboard button presses to conjure up a helicopter out of thin air, which unceremoniously crashes into the ground before him. In keeping with speed running etiquette, cheat codes immediately render any attempt obsolete, regardless of whether they are triggered accidentally or not. LelReset’s run was going well and his disappointment is palpable.

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