KT Rolster Beats Team Liquid And Makes It Out Of Group C With Ease

South Korea’s first seed and LCK champions KT Rolster is the first team from group C to make it to quarterfinals. The superteam is one of the favorites of the tournament together with RNG but whereas RNG struggled to pick up their fourth win on Sunday, KT Rolster made it look like a cakewalk.

The LCK squad was up against North America’s number one team Team Liquid who are still trying to punch there own ticket to the quarterfinals. Since KT Rolster had not lost a game during the first phase of the group stages all they needed was a single win today. That victory they took with force as Team Liquid hardly stood a chance against the intimidating Korean squad.

In a repeat of last week, Team Liquid tried to make some plays around the map but KT was just too dominant. They have an extremely strong understanding of how to play the macro-game and will constantly out-pressure the enemy. At one point in the game, KT managed to take 3 turrets while Team Liquid could not find a correct play as a response. The individual performances of KT’s players are also top notch as they once again demonstrated why they are such a revered team.

With such solid play coming from the team, KT Rolster is easily one of the favorites to take the whole tournament. Most people expect to see KT and RNG face off in the finals and would probably put RNG slightly above KT. However, on Sunday we saw that there are teams that can match RNG and beat them at their own game whereas we have yet to see the Korean superteam lose a single game. At the moment KT Rolster definitely looks like a team that could take the entire championship but only time will tell.

Later on today they will face off against EDG and MAD team. While MAD team should face no problems, EDG might be able to throw a spanner in the works if they play well. This would also mean that EDG avoids playing a potential tiebreaker for the second seed so expect the Chinese team to put up a performance. For KT this game is also important as winning against EDG means that they definitely secure the first place seed and will avoid teams like RNG and the Afreeca Freecs during the quarterfinals.

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