Monster Hunter World And Mega Man Collab Begins Friday

In what could easily be considered among the strangest fusion of gaming worlds, the Monster Hunter: World x Mega Man collab is set to begin this Friday, October 19th for the PC version of the game.

As Kotaku reported, the original collab on consoles ran back in April, and featured a special quest line called “A Rush of Blood” where players had to defeat two Odogarons. Upon beating these monsters, players would be awarded special tickets that could be exchanged for special armor that transforms your Palico into Mega Man!

In order to participate, players need to have first hit rank 13. Then, simply proceed to a quest board and select “A Rush of Blood.” Upon completing the quest enough times, you can acquire tickets to craft the Mega Man Armor and Mega Buster at the armory.

One of the coolest things about the collab is that the battle against the Odogarons features music from various classic Mega Man titles. The tunes will change depending upon the weapon your character is equipped with! Capcom released a spiffy video trailer of the collab last December showcasing some examples of the different music you can hear during this event. Check it out below.

The collab event runs from October 19th to November 2nd giving players roughly two weeks to run around and beat those Odogarons down to collect some Mega Man-themed gear!


Featured Image Source: YouTube

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