Weekly Trailer Round-Up: Squadron 42, Creaks, Transmission & More

Weekly Trailer Round-Up: Squadron 42, Creaks, Observation & More

Rumblings in the gaming world have more or less been eclipsed by the release of Call of Duty: Blacks Ops 4, but that isn’t to say the haul of trailers has been lackluster. On the contrary this week’s pickings are rather fruitful. As always we’ve gone ahead and sorted the wheat from the chaff and handpicked the best among them. This week we’ve got an in-depth look at CD Projekt Red’s upcoming Gwent single player spinoff, beautiful hand-drawn Creaks, LEGO goodness and more.


It seems like a week doesn’t go by without Devolver announcing a new game and this week is no exception with the atmospheric space station detective thriller Observation. The crew’s gone missing and taking control of on-board AI supercomputer players must put on their smartest sleuthing bonnet and make use of surveillance cameras, electronics, and sensors to figure out what went down.


Transmission is a game about driving around a drizzly neon-soaked procedural-generated city delivering packages to various people. All bathed in a tantalizing 80s aesthetic and a thumping synth wave soundtrack to boot, Transmission is all about ambience. Without the use of ubiquitous modern day GPS tech, players will have to rely on good old road signs to reach their destination. Transmission looks soothing, a pensive drive through nostalgia.


With an artstyle seemingly extracted from the better offering of children’s story books, Creaks is a quirky left field platformer set in a hauntingly sombre world of ladders, small mechanized metal plated critters, puzzles involving dodgy lighting, and creepy creatures of the aviary variety. Think a hand drawn Limbo or Inside.


Getting excited about mobile games other than big budget franchises like Pokemon Go is pretty damn difficult, but ELOH makes it incredibly easy. A musical puzzle game with some truly unique visuals, ELOH is a rhythmic adventure which should provide compelling escapism from a long commute or tedious bus journey.

Gal Metal

Landing on Switch in November, Gal Metal is a heavy metal music game about aliens, body swapping, and school kids in a band with a strong Scott Pilgrim comic book vibe coursing through it. It looks nuts and we love it.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Gameplay

More of a walkthrough than a trailer, our first glimpse of Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales in action is a 37 minute marathon dropping us right into the thick of it. Content wise it’s dense so be ready to get stuck in for the long haul. CD Projekt Red appear to have found a good balance between card based battling and RPG walk around sections. As you’d expect, the lore is rich, voice acting is on point, and it all fits in perfectly into The Witcher universe and may shed new light on the events leading up to the three Witcher titles.

LEGO DC Super-Villains

Who doesn’t want to play as the villains once in a while? LEGO DC Super-Villains lets us do just that bringing together all the best baddies from the DC universe with the usual playful LEGO style and tongue in cheek humor. As with most LEGO games there’s some platforming, puzzle solving, and a dose of tame fighting.

Star Citizen – Squadron 42

Star Citizen single player mode Squadron 42 is back with a new trailer sparkling with production value and a host of stars – including Mark Hamill and Gary Oldman – only Star Citizen could draw in thanks to a fan base who seem to revel in hemorrhaging money for a game that’s been in development for what feels like forever. Shade throwing aside, Squadron 42 looks incredible. Here’s to it actually being completed one day, maybe.

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