10 Standout Plays From The First Few Days Of Black Ops 4 Blackout

11 Standout Plays From The First Few Days Of Black Ops 4 Blackout

Half a million concurrent viewers on Twitch for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 says everything about Treyarch’s latest FPS. It’s a hit and we’ve been spoiled when it comes to dazzling plays from Twitch royalty. We’ve gathered up the best outplays from the first few days of Blackout with clips from Shroud, Seagull, Lirik, DrDisrespect and more.

The Wingsuit

DrDisrespect is a funny guy and he doesn’t shy away from inserting quirky segue into his live streams. With the launch of Blackout he designed a special wingsuit overlay, which though obviously lacking in in the framing value, shines when it comes to comedy.

Grenade #1

In this one, not only does Lirik call it before it happens, he delivers a win on top of a god tier nade as he succinctly puts it. We’ve seen tomahawk wins, but there’s something particularly explosive about a grenade win. To rub it in a further layer, all this happened during his first game after launch. His reaction confirms even he’s shocked by how damn classy his play was.

Grenade #2

Lirik seems to be at one with grenades. Just watch. Part luck, part skill, the first grenade kill is followed by another kill. Talk about flow.

Tomahawk Kill

This clip of summit1g parachuting into a barn, picking up a tomahawk and immediately downing another player must be among the quickest kills in Blackout to date. Sheer class.

Collateral Damage

TSM Viss is, as you’ve gathered from the prefix, a pro gamer so quality playouts are his bread and butter. Yet, in this clip he puts on display how Blackout’s collateral damage works with a double kill of epic proportions. When he turns to take out a third player while in the throes of shock at his feat moments earlier, we get front row seats to what icing on the cake truly means.

Even The Great Falter

Shroud is arguably among one of the most gifted FPS players in the world and in this clip he epitomizes what it means to pop off. However, things quickly turn awry and what started out as a daring rescue mission seemingly on the path to success, ends unceremoniously in his entire squad dying. Even the best aren’t perfect.

Oh Dear

Poor DrDisrespect. This is kind of embarrassing. A clear shot on an unsuspecting enemy and he messes it up royally, then dies.

Long Distance Shooter

Summit1g is another with a seat at the round table of Twitch FPS royalty and this clip shows just why. Landing on target shots from across the river is straight up incredible, especially after teammate joshOG had failed to land even a single shot. Summit1g crests the hill and with his first shot hits the target. Personally, I can barely see the opposing player models across the other side of the river bank.


Cheating on day 1 of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4? We’re afraid that it’s a resounding yes as exemplified by this clip of the Doc being taken down by what is unmistakably an aimbot. Here’s to Treyarch stepping up their anti-cheat game sooner rather than later.

Human Aimbot

Talking of aimbots, Shroud is hands down the closest a human will ever come to such mouse yielding prowess. As he waits for a match of Blackout to commence, Shroud nonchalantly showcases his god tier aim abilities, deftly aiming shots at various moving targets at lightning speed. A master at work.

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