The 5 Most Interesting League Teams On The First Day Of Worlds Groups

Tomorrow is the first day of the long-awaited group stages of Worlds 2018. While all teams that are playing tomorrow are expected to perform really well, there are some teams that are simply better or more interesting to watch. So here are the most interesting teams that will be playing tomorrow and why you should watch them.

KT Rolster

Kt Rolster is the first seed from Korea and purely for that reason are already worth your time. They will not only showcase some of the best mechanical play you can possibly see at the tournament but will most likely show their revered macro game as well. This year’s KT is also filled to the brim with beloved Korean players such as Smeb, Score, Deft, and Mata. They will face off against Team Liquid in the opening game of the tournament and expect it to be a banger.

Team Liquid

Speaking of Team Liquid, they are the NA LCS number one team and have a chance to show what NA can do tomorrow. While facing off against KT Rolster in the first game of the tournament is extremely tough, an upset would immediately prove why this team is so dominant in NA. Team Liquid is also filled with fan-favorite players like Doublelift, Xmithie, and Impact and who doesn’t want to see them play. If you can only watch 1 game tomorrow it should definitely be KT Rolster versus Team Liquid.

Phong Vũ Buffalo

Not many people are familiar with this Vietnamese team so I don’t expect their match versus Flash Wolves to be the most anticipated match of the day, however, time in time again the Vietnamese teams prove why they belong on the international stage. They often play with such unrelenting aggression that other regions often don’t know how to handle the Vietnamese playstyle. This is also the reason why their games are often a joy to watch. Despite the team being relatively unknown, don’t miss out on this one.

Flash Wolves

The pride and joy of the LMS are back to prove that the region can still go blow for blow with other top regions. The Flash Wolves used to be called the Korea Killers back in the day but the LMS has failed to show up on most international events in the past few years. Flash Wolves is still the most dominant team in the region so if any LMS team can find success during the tournament it will most likely be the Flash Wolves. Their match against the Vietnamese team Phong Vũ Buffalo might not be as hyped as other matches but certainly deserves to be.

Royal Never Give Up

Purely based on the number of international trophies won this year RNG is the best team in the world. Tomorrow they will play their first game against Cloud9 which is poised to be very one-sided considering the insanely high level of the players on RNG. One could argue that their exceptional ADC Uzi might even be the best League of Legends player in the entire world as of right now. If you are tuning into worlds tomorrow but not watching RNG then I don’t even know what you’re doing anymore.

The other teams that are playing tomorrow, or during another day or Worlds, are all interesting or exciting in their own right. The five teams mentioned here are not simply the best 5 teams at Worlds but are 5 teams that might be interesting to watch for different reasons.

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