Sony CEO Implies The Company Is Working On The PlayStation 5

Rumors of Sony working on a successor of their immensely successful PlayStation 4 have been making the rounds for a while, however, now Sony themselves have finally admitted on working on a next-generation console. The PlayStation 5 is coming, although the Sony CEO has declined to call it as such.

The CEO of Sony, Kenichiro Yoshida, had to say the following about the next-generation console during an interview with the Financial Times. (paywall) “At this point, what I can say is it’s necessary to have a next-generation hardware.” While not directly stating that Sony is working on a new PlayStation, Yoshida does heavily imply that they are doing so.

The news is not all that surprising considering that the PlayStation 4 is nearly 5 years old. Microsoft has also stated that they have begun working on the next-generation Xbox console at the latest E3 convention so it would only be logical that Sony is doing the same. However, Sony definitely doesn’t seem to be in any rush to announce that they have begun working on the system or to make the system at all. This probably due to the immense success that the PS4 is still enjoying and the massive sales the system is still making.

What exactly we can expect from the next-generation Sony console is still a mystery. There are rumors going around that Sony wants to integrate the streaming part of gaming more into their systems. Although it’s just a rumor it’s very believable since Microsoft has recently announced xCloud service with which they want to make streaming a more integral part of their consoles. Industry analysists argue that Sony is also more interested in esports and will is said to design the PS5 with esports in mind. The analysists say that Sony wants to make their system powerful enough to be able to host esport titles.

A lot is still unknown about the future of the next PlayStation console, especially considering that the CEO hardly wants to admit that they are working on a new console, so expect the wait for the PlayStation to still take some time.

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