New Mod Replaces Bowser With Bowsette In New Super Mario Bros Wii

The internet still can’t get enough of Bowsette! Hot on the heels of the Super Mario 64 mod which allowed players to play as Bowsette in-game, comes a new Bowsette mod for New Super Mario Bros. Wii which has her replacing Bowser as the game’s final boss.

As reported by Kotaku, YouTuber StupidMarioBros1Fan developed a mod for the New Super Mario Bros. Wii that puts Bowsette into the game’s final battle in place of Bowser. The skin uses Princess Peach parts and textures from several different games. The basic body model is from Mario Party 9, while her hair is from Strikers Charged. Other parts of her look such as the crown and her shoulders were all custom modeled.

The mod isn’t a simple reskin of Bowser though. StupidMarioBros1Fan went all out with this mod, even developing custom animations and modified voices made from tweaks of existing Peach sound effects. The mod uses voice clips from Mario Party 10, Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

Check out the YouTube presentation of the mod below.

Pretty cool right? If you’re interested in giving this mod a test-drive, there’s a link to the download in the YouTube video description.

Just when you thought the Bowsette craze was dying down, this mod showed up. There’s no telling if interest in the character will ever slow down or not. For now, it seems we’ll just have to wait to see if we get a new Bowsette mod or another massive fan gathering to know where netizens are at.


Featured Image Source: Techraptor

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