Weekly Trailer Round-Up: Super Mario Party, Morphê & More

Weekly Trailer Round-Up: Super Mario Party, The First Tree, Morphê & More

Good day readers, this week we’ve got a selection of trailers that caught our eye this past week. Some pretty obvious contenders make the cut like Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2, while, as always, we devote some words to a couple of indie finds, and we would be remiss to not include the latest Super Mario Party trailer. Let’s do this.

The First Tree

The First Tree is an awe inspiring, tear jerker exploration game where you control a fox that can perform death defying leaps, jaunt through fantastical dreamscapes and stunning scenery, walk on water, and uncover secrets in the Alaskan wilderness. The fox is on a journey to find a particularly tree and rejoin her lost family, which is a metaphor for a young man’s path towards reuniting with his estranged father. It’s emotional, raw, and covers difficult subjects like death and the search for meaning in life. Graphically, The First Tree is absolutely breathtaking and can be described as a mix of The Long Dark and Journey.

Super Mario Party

The grand return of Nintendo’s infamous Super Mario Party title for the Switch. The trailer is the usual selection of feature listing coated in the usual family friendly, fun-loving Nintendo veneer, but we’ll forgive the Japanese giant for the lack of creativity given how fun the game looks. If you’ve got a Switch, this is a no brainer. If you’re not convinced, Super Mario Party has an online mode.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – 10 Years of Zombies

Not so much a trailer, but we will allow it anyway, this Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 video covers the story of the acclaimed zombie mode. It spans a decade long history covering the early days of the Nazi Zombies mode as an easter egg to full fledged feature and inclusion in Treyarch’s latest effort releasing next week. If anything, the video shows how far the mode has come, and caused waves of nostalgia on my part, triggering memories of hours spent gunning down zombies in Call of Duty: World At War.

Weedcraft Inc.

This Weedcraft Inc. trailer is an interesting mix of real world footage surrounding the ongoing saga of cannabis legalisation, notably in the United States, leading towards an introduction to the actual game. As you’ve probably gathered, players attempt to develop a weed-based empire starting from the very bottom. However, the game play is interspersed with intriguing characters, unexpected scenarios, and the inclusion of political aspects as well. This isn’t your run of the mill shop-keeping sim; it’s an immersion into a world caught in the throes of a radical paradigm shift with all the complexities this entails.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Gameplay Trailer Part 2

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past week, you’ll have come across the latest offering from Rockstar. If not, here it is in all its glory. The trailer showcases more of the features set to populate Red Dead Redemption 2’s rich open world with a focus on activities of the nefarious variety from stagecoach robberies, heist, and R&R pastimes like poker, ranching, and fishing. By this point the anticipation is reaching stratospheric levels and we’re not sure we can handle waiting until October 26th.


Morphê is a relaxed game. A very relaxed game. As you navigate various vistas, you engage with the surrounding scenery to trigger musical elements to create swelling, emotive music of  the ambient variety. There are over 200 different musical pieces to find and add to your symphony and the game is as much about creating, as exploring a soothing and friendly world. A nice shift away from your shoot-everything-that-moves FPS frenzies. We need more games like Morphê.


I’m not sure how I feel about the latest S.O.N trailer. The key to a good psychological horror game is suggestion and the trailer has a whole load of it. There’s nothing inherently scary about it, but that’s exactly the point; the eerie recorded phone message, the mounting sonic crescendos, the crackly radio line, a scantily lit pathway to what appear to be figures draped in white will have your imagination working overtime.

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