Overwatch Petition To Rename Doomfist Skin To Doomfish

Swamp Monster Doomfist is the latest skin reveal and also the first skin to be revealed for this year’s Halloween Terror event that starts on October 9th. The legendary skin is inspired by Swamp Monster from old black and white horror movies and is already extremely popular within the community despite not being released yet. Short after the reveal, the skin was already memed with The Shape Of Water x Doomfist memes which will probably spawn some fanart that I do not wish to see.


However, despite the love that the skin got, it seemed to have created one major issue within the community and that is the name of the skin. Just a few hours after the skin was revealed a petition was created that seeks to change the name of the skin from Swamp Master Doomfist to Doomfish. The petition has almost received 3000 signatures and is still growing. Personally, I think Doomfish is a fantastic name and it would honestly be such a shame to see it go to waste.


The chance that Blizzard will listen to the petition and change the name is rather slim though. A similar petition was started when Wrecking Ball was revealed that asked Blizzard to simply name the hero Hammond, after the hamster, instead of Wrecking Ball. Despite that petition being relatively popular as well, it ultimately changed nothing and the cute little hamster is still called Wrecking Ball. The only thing that might make a small difference is that this skin has been created for fun rather than something that can seriously impact the lore which is why, hopefully, we will still see the skin being called Doomfish.

Keep track of the official Overwatch Twitter as they will most likely reveal some more spooky Halloween Terror skins before the event goes live on October 9.

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